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5 Fashion Video Marketing Trends We’ll See In 2020

A 2019 report by Cisco showed that 82% of internet content will be in video form by the end of 2020. Social media marketers will also tell you that brands get social media click-throughs after viewing a video. Google and Facebook have recognized this trend, and they are ranking video content higher, with Google offering video previews on smartphone searches.

As a fashion business owner, it is very important to recognize the role of video in your marketing activities because fashion is a visually oriented industry. It pays to stay with the trend to get the most out of video marketing. What video marketing trends should you look out for in 2020?

Personalized video

Just like personalized emails have become the norm, so will video marketing content. The development of dynamic video tools has enabled personalizing videos with a few clicks. A personalized video says a lot about your brand. The viewer feels valued that you took the time to make the brand, which helps make better connections.

Return of long-form video

While social media platforms frown on long videos, a study by the e-commerce platform, Oberlo showed that visitors to a website will spend 88% more time on it if there is video content. Long-form videos work very well if you are telling your brand’s story. It is easier to appeal to your customers’ emotions with a captivating story.

Higher dominance of Facebook and Instagram video ads

Facebook has over 2 billion active users, while Instagram has over 1.5 billion. These 2 platforms will continue to be dominant in 2020. As a fashion marketer, it would be hard to ignore the power of these two platforms in reaching your audience with high-quality video fashion ads. The good thing is that you can harness Facebook’s ad platform to do high targeting and retargeting of potential customers.

Video integration in email

The email has simply refused to die but has evolved to include richer content including video. Higher internet speeds have enabled smoother video viewing even on email, which allows you to give your customers more detailed content for higher chances of conversion. Combining personalized video with email is a trend that will surely grow in 2020.


Livestreaming video on social media has been growing steadily and will continue to grow in 2020. You can use live streaming to host fashion shows, as well as interact with your customers in Q&A.

Video content is memorable and able to pass your marketing message in a shorter time than pictures or text. Adopting these video marketing trends in 2020 can give your fashion brand very good visibility, and a competitive edge.


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