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20 Head Tattoos You Should Know Today

Shaved heads and tattoos make for a fantastic combination. The appeal of a men’s tattoo inked in an intricate design on the back or side of the head is simply irresistible. There is a tough macho feel to Head Tattoos that sets them a class apart from tattoos inked on other parts of the body. The feel of the curvy bare head increases the colorful appeal of a head tattoo.

Men get their heads permanently inked in a variety of creative designs and styles. You can see designs covering the back of the head from the top to the part where the head joins the neck. These designs use the entire back of the head as a large curvy canvas, and pattern ideas range from monster faces, to floral patterns, to fantasy figures, and much more. Many men who are fans of a particular team get inked with a design in celebration, looking super hot as when they root for their team. You can also see quirky tattoos with fun faces and bold tribal motifs among the different head tattoo designs. From small tattoos covering a section of the head above the ear, to tattoos staring from the back of the head, tattoo artists have beautiful designs to play with. Mexican themes with flower and skull combinations, machine age themes with metallic motifs, and abstract patterns with geometrical shapes are just some possibilities that a head tattoo offers.

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