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20 Fitness Trends for 2016

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Eastern Medicine


At the moment people are finding relief in Eastern medicines. It is believed that they can cure chronic diseases. And another good thing is, they can be taken as foods.

Stretching Classes


Almost everyone goes for a little bit stretching – at least once or twice a day. With time it’s getting more formal. People are getting themselves enrolled into fitness classes more than any time before.

Nutritional Beauty



Instead of depending on chemical substances, people are relying on healthy foods. They are bringing big changes to their eating habit, ensuring appetite and beauty at the same time.



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High Fat Diets


There was a common belief that high fat diet should be avoided. The preference was mainly for foods that are low on fat. Now, nutritionists are telling that the body requires more foods that contain high fat.

Inner Body Wellness


The days of only shaping the outer appearance is over. Inner body wellness is something that deserves attention.

Tech Gears



With the advancement of technology, people are using tech gears to keep track of things like: heart rate, number of kilometers covered through walking etc. Keeping this in mind, many companies are releasing brand new products.


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Moringa, maca etc. are some of the finest superherbs. They are known for their ability to immune. They are also quite effective in fighting stress.



Acrobatics exercises are fun. They boost your stamina and keep you healthy. Acrobatics is gaining popularity among both men and women.

Mindful Exercise


Nowadays people don’t just look for a sexy body. So, mindful exercises like yoga are on rise. After all, peace of mind is what matters at the end of the day.


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Holistic Happiness



It is said that your lifestyle reflects how happy you are. Thus, choice of clothing and diet influence your happiness meter.

Obstacle Course Racing


Obstacle course racing is very popular now. People from every walk of life are participating in such a program. It is enjoyable and good for health.

Foundation Training


According to Pro surfer Karina Petroni, foundation training will be the next big thing in the world of fitness. Many fitness studios have already started offering such training.


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Organic Bone Broth



If you want something enriched in nutrition, then it’s the way to go. It will add a new dimension to your choice set.

High-Intensity Circuit Training


This exercise is literally a kick in the ass. It will take a great exam of your stamina. Get ready to take part in some hardcore workout.

Hover Boards


After drones, this is another toy that has created such a big buzz. Hover boards are too cool to be true. People are even using them as a medium of transport.


New Types Of Barre Classes


In the fitness industry, the ballet barre is the hottest stuff at the moment. It will take workout to a whole new level, no doubt about that.


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Hybrid Pilates And Cardio Workouts


Cardio and pilates are not the way they were in the past anymore. There are now many standards for them. This will obviously make cardio more enjoyable.

Wearable Technology


Today, people don’t put their phone in their pocket. They wear phones and other gadgets. Example: LG’s Urban LTE.


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Intensive Fitness Classes


Fitness is not just another random thing. You have to do it with proper care. From that point of view, people are tending to take more intensive classes.

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There was a time when boxing was considered a violent sport. Such beliefs don’t exist today. People are finding it as an instrument of great workout.


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