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10 Fashion Brands Getting Creative with Coronavirus Face Masks

Did you know that during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, there were over 2 million searches for face masks? That equates to 9 searches per second.

In April, the number of face mask sellers increased to 20,000 in a two week period. The word face mask became the most searched online.

As the world continues to struggle through this pandemic, face masks have become a staple part of daily wear. Many brands are now designing unique and fun masks for those who want to show a bit of personality.

Keep reading to see some of the cool face masks your favorite fashion brands are making.

  1. K.S. Garner Masks for Every Type of Person

K.S. Garner is a smaller label but one with a big mission to make products that can fit any person, whatever size or shape. Every product they make is custom made in order to make something unique for each customer while ensuring they’re doing something to help the environment.

Just like the clothes Garner makes, her custom made face masks are fun and vibrant. This female-owned Phoenix-based brand makes designs ranging from cute strawberries to fringed finished masks.

The brand is also supporting good causes by donating two-pack masks for every purchase of a two-pack. They’ve donated masks to frontline workers in local hospitals and homeless shelters.

  1. Silvia Tcherassi’s Gingham Mask

This designer is also being sustainable in her venture into face masks by using fabrics from her spring and summer collection to make fashionable masks. You can now wear one of your favorite designs as a face mask and you’ll also be happy to know that Tcherassi’s designs are made from 100% cotton, making them incredibly comfortable.

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Another great thing about these masks is that 100% of the profits will be going to charity. Tccherassi has chosen to work with Every Mother Counts, a charity that works to provide quality maternity care in underserved communities.

  1. Llulo Reflects African Culture

If you’re looking for fashion that reflects culture, this is the perfect place to get your next face mask. Llulo is another woman-owned business, created by designer Michelle Olomojobi who didn’t see her African culture reflected in the fashion world.

Olomojobi creates fashion that both reflects her culture and supports her community. All her designs, including face masks, are crafted by local artists in Nigeria.

Her company is creating jobs for Nigerian women while part of the proceeds of her mask sales will go to nonprofits in the country.

  1. Busy Bees’ Stylish Floral Masks

Busy Bees is the brand known for making beautiful traditional American style clothing. Now they’re venturing into face masks in the same way. Busy Bees’ floral, cotton masks are stylish and comfortable to wear.

The purchase of this cute mask will help those in need. Busy Bees is working with Baby2Baby, a charity that provides children in poverty with the basic necessities to survive.

  1. Italian Smile Masks

During this pandemic, it’s important to remember that there are people who may need specialized masks in order to keep living their day to day lives.

Many individuals in the deaf community or those who are hard of hearing rely on reading lips and facial expressions in order to communicate with those who are hearing and don’t speak American Sign Language. Specialized masks are also required for sign language interpreters who help translate for people in the deaf community.

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This is where a transparent mask comes in. Italian Smile is a brand that makes transparent masks that are fashionable and offer the most visibility. Their masks are available for both children and adults and made with anti-fog PVC so that the wearer won’t have to be constantly wiping the mask.

  1. Collina Strada Is Helping Healthcare Workers

If you’re looking for a luxury mask, Collina Strada’s designs are a perfect choice. The brand also uses fabric from previous collections to create its mask designs. Their patterns are fashionable and showcase personality in each design.

While these unique masks are a bit more expensive, a purchase will help healthcare workers on the frontlines. For every one mask purchase, five will be donated to frontline healthcare workers in New York.

  1. Antisocial Mind Is Spreading a Powerful Social Message

This brand was created by a black lives matter activist determined to help spread a powerful message of equality. Antisocial Mind makes products that spark conversations about the social issues affecting the country, and they’re doing the same with their face masks.

By purchasing a mask from this brand you’re ensuring that 50% of your purchase will benefit low-income black children. A purchase from Antisocial Mind makes a fashion statement and a social statement all at once.

  1. Lirika’s Matoshi’s Cute Face Masks

These masks are both chic and a way to keep yourself and others safe during this pandemic. Matoshi’s masks come in all kinds of fun designs including embroidered daisies and glittery strawberries.

Matoshi has also made 100% of her sales donations to different charities. Some donations have been made to charities in her hometown in Kosovo, while this past June she made donations to the black lives matter cause.

  1. Guess Is Using the Power of Their Brand
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The well-known fashion brand Guess has ventured into making face masks as well. While most of their cotton masks are in simple stripe designs or solid colors, they all carry the Guess logo.

These masks can be worn with any outfit and most importantly, your purchase of a mask is supporting a good cause. For every sale, Guess will donate to Homeboy Industries which helps rehabilitate former gang members to give them a future they never thought possible.

  1. Courtyard LA Is Creating Mouth Mask Fashion

Created by Alia Meagan, Courtyard LA is making wearing a face mask into its own fashion show. Her masks are made from fabrics used in other clothing designs and are uniquely made with silks and lace. These masks are sure to add some personality to your everyday outfits.

Cool Face Masks From Brands You Should Check Out

During these uncertain times when wearing a face mask has become a part of everyday life, making a fashion statement with your masks can be a lot of fun. The cool face masks listed above are some on the long list of options for every kind of taste. Check out some of our other blogs to discover more!