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10 Cool Ways to Dress Up a T-Shirt in 2019

T-shirts are the classic and versatile wardrobe staple. Below are some of the classic t-shirt dress-up styles currently in trend.

  1. With a Patterned Coat

Make your look street-style worthy by adding an eye-catchy coat as a top layer. Recommended by a number of fashion editors, a patterned or plaid coat instantly upgrades your attire of a simple t-shirt and skinny jeans, giving you a chic look. To make your look more sophisticated that works best for the office, you can opt for a stylish checked coat. Keeping things simple is the key to carry such an outfit. However, if you want to play up your quirky side, you can go with a playfully patterned coat like polka dots or floral print.

  1. Accessorize your look

Dressing up a t-shirt doesn’t always have to mean toting layers of clothing to cover your basic outfit. On warmer days, you would want to free your arms and ankles. The best way to do this is by pairing up your t-shirt with a relaxed pair of jeans (tapered or torn looks better). To give it a street-style worthy look, you can add designer accessories to your outfit. It may include a trendy designer tote bag (prefer a leather bag if you are going with a white t-shirt and skinny blue jeans). To make your look more expensive, you can complement it with a pair of quality footwear and trendy sunglasses. 

  1. High-waisted skinny jeans with a print t-shirt

No matter the body type, a pair of sexy high-waisted skinny jeans with a graphic tee will always be a good choice wear. It is the most fashion-savvy approach to add instant chic to even the simplest custom t-shirt. To get the full effect of a high waistline, tuck in the t-shirt and pair your outfit with quality accessories. Many fashion influencers suggest you should go with a leather clutch purse and nude heels for such an outfit. And if it’s chilly out there, add a little jacket for coverage.

  1. Amp up the office look with a ‘Tweed Jacket’  

Look pulled together and meeting-ready all day at work in a t-shirt and jeans with a short, Chanel-inspired tweed jacket. It makes a great unfussy office outfit and will enhance the look of your plain t-shirt. Consider accessorizing it with a statement necklace or a pretty silk scarf. It is a comfortable outfit that not only looks professional but also adds a street-style look.

  1. With cutoffs and a blazer

Depending on where you are headed, a t-shirt with cutoffs might sound too casual. However, adding two-toned heels and a blazer definitely elevates the whole ensemble. This look has been highly popularized by pop diva Rihanna. Most often, she flaunts this outfit with a pair of wayfarer glasses and a chic necklace. This is a great evening outfit for an outing with friends or a date, as well. The best part is that you can carry this look fluently with any type of t-shirt.

  1. With a matching set

For a fun outing with friends or business meetings, you can pair a graphic tee with coordinating blazer and short. This is currently the trendiest way to dress up a t-shirt. All it takes is five minutes to put it on and pick it out. Depending on the color and pattern of your coordinating blazer and short, accessorize the look with chunky solid sneakers. Throw on a bold crossbody purse/bag and pair the look with sunglasses. This is a street-style worthy look that will scream out loud that you have a great sense of fashion.

  1. With mules and a midi skirt

If you ask what the cutest way to dress up a simple t-shirt is, most of the fashion bloggers and influencers will tell you to pair it up with a midi skirt and mules. A midi skirt will add a whole new charm to your look. It works well with a graphic t-shirt, and you can complement the look with statement jewelry and mules.

  1. As a dress

If you want to experiment a bit with t-shirts, you can take advice from Hailey Bieber, who popularized the t-shirt dress trend. To perfect the look, you need a larger sized t-shirt. Look for one that’s specifically designed to be a dress or opt for larger size tees to make the hemline longer. You can pair the t-shirt dress with combat boots and fishnet tights. This is the look that every girl wants to perfect. This is the coolest t-shirt outfit for summer you can try. One style tip would be that try to match your combat boots with your t-shirt dress.

  1. With printed scarf and boots

If you want to accessorize and elevate your simple t-shirt and jeans look, a scarf will add to your charm. You need a large square scarf that is folded diagonally and draped loosely around your neck. If the scarf has a fringe or tassels, it will give your look a more flare. Pair this look of yours with flat, knee-high boots. To make it more appealing, you can add preppy accessories like tinted sunglasses, a signet ring, and a wristwatch.

  1. With black jeans

This is a classic fashion combination that you can pull together with ease. Pair slim-fit black jeans with a loose t-shirt, tucked inside. Since the jeans is black, you need to ensure that the top is light in color, else it would be fashion blunder. This classic t-shirt style is flattering to all shapes and sizes.

Try out these combinations and find out which one works the best for you. If you have any fashion-related queries, feel free to ask us.


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