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Factors That Determine The Price-Tag Of Modular Kitchens

If you are buying a house or wish to upgrade the interior of your home, then a modular kitchen is a must. Modular kitchen refers to the customized version of the kitchen with modern pieces of furniture, cabinets, and other accessories to use the best spaces and get a better, creative, and aesthetic environment to view. Hence it becomes a necessity to design the kitchen cost-effectively

Following is the list of the factors upon the Modular kitchen price depends.

  1. The Area Of The Kitchen

The dimensions and layout of the kitchen are the primary areas on which the cost of each component depends. Large Kitchens can accommodate more components or modules, cabinets, and hence, the cost will increase accordingly. The price tag also depends on the carpet area of the kitchen as different agencies provide a catalog consisting of price range as per different dimensions of the kitchen. Nowadays the cost can be as high as 1 lakh or low as 30 k to 40k.

  1. The Selection Of Material And Finish

There is a wide range of materials and finishes for cabinets or other modules to choose upon.

  • Plywood: Plywood is most commonly used materials used in producing the doors of the cabinets. Wood veneer is extensively exploited to create the plywood. Wood veneer is just like thin slices of wood (less than 3mm or 1/8th inch) which involve the eyes to gaze steadily. In most of the cases, a kitchen needs five to six upper wall cabinets. As per the Indian market, the cost of plywood varies proportionately with the thickness of the plywood. For 18 mm plywood, a commercial grade of plywood would cost Rs 55 per square feet and with waterproof grade would fetch around Rs 95 per sq-ft.
  • Fiberboard: It is also known as a factory-grade or engineered version of wood. It has a smooth texture, and when it mixed with a specific laminate, and then the texture quality improves a lot. It is available in medium density proportions and hence remains unstable in high-density regions of the kitchen. Certain brands sell fiberboard sheets which come around Rs 500 per sheet of fiberboard with a thickness of 8mm to 25mm. usually; they sell the board sheets with a blend of wood and bagasse and with 6–8 % moisture content.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel will be used in making the doors of the cabinet as it is better from wood in terms of water leakage and free from rust. However, steel is a good conductor of electricity, and the cost of stainless steel is also high. Utmost care should be taken to use a cost-effective blend of the mentioned materials for the accessories in the kitchen. Moreover, the material should be selected based on durability, the heat, free from water leakage, and load that it will carry forward on a longer run.


Following are the types of finishes available in the market to choose.

  • Laminate
  1. A) Matt finish
  2. B) Gloss finish
  • Acrylic finish
  • Veneer finish
  • Membrane finish
  • Glass Finish

Laminate Matt finish is often used to provide a smooth texture to the surface of the cabinets and other accessories. The abundance of large color variety along with low maintenance serves every purpose of exciting affair to watch. The latest price for laminate matt finish is around Rs 900 per sheet for a thickness of 1 mm.

Laminate gloss finish is meant for the core laminates, as it provides a lustrous and shiny appearance to the products. The presence might tell you that this might be expensive, but it is affordable as per the budget of the customers.

The Acrylic Finish provides a shiny and glossy look to the product. It is durable enough on the long run and showed resistance towards humidity and UV rays. Price varies from Rs 2000–2200 per sheet of the acrylic finish sheets with 8 feet in length.

Veneer Finish provides a wide range of color and textures to choose and offers a modern look. Since, it consists of several slices of wood with less than 3mm in thickness, so it provides a lot of options in texture. It is not so durable as compared to other forms of finishes and lacks resistant to UV rays. The price range for a veneer finish is quite cheap as it constitutes 10% of the total costs of the furniture in the kitchen.

Membrane Finish is one of the traditional finishes with high durability, smoothing the surface, well polished and often resistant to water and humidity. It is readily available according to the pocket of the customer.

The Glass Finish is the highest level of sophistication possible in the kitchen interiors. It contains a plethora of color option to choose from, and it provides the kitchen with an impressive and elegant image. Well, the cost is a bit high, but keeps other factor in mind before transforming into glass finish,

  1. Fittings and Appliances

There are a lot of different accessories which are often used or employed in a modular kitchen setting. It can be

  • Corner drawers
  • Pull out trash cans
  • Drawer dividers
  • Custom pans
  • Kitchen Chimney
  • Dishwashers

Corner drawers are the best innovative interior fitting as they use the limited left-out space and converts to into a beneficial space to store utensils. If they can exist diagonally, then many appliances can be stored and hence will add to the utility of the modular kitchen.

Pull out trash cans can be utilized to store the trash generated in a specific place so that it will be emptied ease in the next day. Hence it also manages the productive space of the kitchen.

Hence all these drawer dividers and custom pans (Over hanged from the ceiling of the kitchen) use the free space to store the number of utensils and other items.

On the other hand, appliances like chimney and dishwasher are quite common in this setup. The average price of the essential functional chimney would fetch around Rs 10k to 50 k while dishwasher would cost you around Rs 5k to 30k.


Unless and until you have selected your list of priorities for a modular kitchen, you cannot go for it. Instead, you should know every component of the modular kitchen well. It will help you to derive or evaluate a budget-friendly cost estimate to develop the best possible modular kitchen.


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