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Woman selling dress on eBay ‘disgusted’ when bidder asks to buy her used knickers as well

A potential buyer offered to “pay good money” to Christina Durham, 23, from London, in return for “worn underwear and thongs”

A woman advertising an old dress on eBay was “disgusted” after receiving a message asking for her worn knickers instead.

Christina Durham, 23, from London, listed a dress for sale on the online auction website last month – and soon caught the attention of a potential buyer offering to “pay good money” for second-hand underwear .

The message read: “Hey I know this may be a weird request but would you be interested in selling any worn underwear, thongs etc with the dress, will pay good money x”

Christina has not responded to the bizarre request, which opened her eyes to a seedy side of second hand sales.

Christina has not responded to the bizarre request (Photo: Caters News Agency)

She said: “I felt disgusted and confused as I was selling a dress so I did not anticipate that response at all.

“You expect questions regarding haggling the price, better quality pictures, the dress at a different angle and so on but nothing like that sort. It’s embarrassing.

“I haven’t responded to it. I did consider reporting the message but couldn’t find out how on the eBay website very well so I just left it.”

The potential buyer acknowledged their request was “weird” (Photo: Caters News Agency)

Although Christina hoped to make a bit of money by clearing out her wardrobe, she was not tempted to trade her knickers for cash.

She said: “You have to be pretty strapped for cash to sell your used pants to a complete stranger but currently I’m not that desperate, thank God.

“I imagine it’s a pretty lucrative business but I think you have to be pretty desperate to sell your pants. I don’t know what the going rate is.

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“It’s quite a simple business plan but not sure the dragons would go for it in the den.”

Christina said she was not tempted to cash in on her old undies (Photo: Caters News Agency)

The senior recruitment consultant was initially angry about the message, but now said she saw the funny side.

She added: “The internet can be such a strange world and I’m pretty sure that’s not the most eyebrow raising fetish out there to be honest.

“Most people on eBbay are serious about buying and selling and you can’t let the minority of immature users ruin that.

“Initially shocking but now it’s just funny. I guess if you don’t ask, you don’t get so fair play to him for trying.”

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