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Ariana Grande makes a sex doll of herself in new video for ‘34+35’

In the new music video for her song “34+35,” Ariana Grande becomes Dr. Frankenstein and makes a robotic sex doll of herself.

The sci-fi mini-movie for the NSFW song, off her new album “Positions” (released Oct. 30), takes place in a laboratory alongside several fellow scientists with gorgeous hair.

Despite singing that “math class never was good” for her, the 27-year-old starlet dons a white coat and platform boots to try to animate a mechanical version of herself.

Watching monitors, she screams “I got it!” as a robot Ari lies lifeless on a table. Scientist Grande keeps shocking her, trying to bring her to life, to no avail.

In another scene, a ’60s-era Grande dances amid polka dots, giving “Countdown”-era Beyoncé vibes.

Finally, robot Ari comes to life. Alas, she’s too powerful. She shocks scientist Ari and her lab crew until they also become sex dolls. Now dressed in fur-lined negligees, they dance around their lab.

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As for the meaning of the song, the dirty lyrics make it all too clear. But for those who still aren’t computing, she drops a hint at the end of the bop: Just add the numbers of the song together.

The retro style is a theme for Grande: In the music video for the single “Positions,” she channeled Jackie Kennedy.

The “34+35” video was directed by Director X, Julien Christian Lutz, who’s worked with Drake, Kanye West and Jay-Z in the past, according to IMDb.


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