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Emily Ratajkowski Shares Spring Shopping Tips

Emily Ratajkowski’s known for her sexy bikini ‘grams, but don’t be fooled; her fashion savvy goes beyond swimsuits. We caught up with the actress at an H&M event in NYC, where she was on hand to chat about the brand’s first see now, buy now collection.

“It’s amazing to see something you like and get it right there,” Emily said.

As if to drive home the point, the star was dressed in pieces from H&M Studio’s Spring ’17 line, which had only debuted hours before in Paris. Wearing a silky, sheer tank and cotton trousers with a ruffled hem, Emily basically sold us on her entire outfit (I immediately purchased the same top). And with only five minutes to chat, I knew she would have plenty to say about style and shopping, so read on for some helpful tips.

On the Most Understated Pieces at H&M

“Honestly, I think their basics are amazing, which is something we all need. Sometimes when you go to the store, you end up buying that jacket you never wear and it just hangs in your closet and that’s the worst. For example, I love this shirt [the one she’s wearing in the photo], and it can be worn a million different ways with a blazer, some nice pants, or dress it up and make it sexier with a short skirt, or even wear with jeans on a Summer’s day.”

Shop Emily’s Exact Top

H&M Studio Silk-Blend Top ($50)

On How to Navigate Stores With Huge Selections of Clothing

“Just think about what you want in your closet. Like you know all the moments in the morning where you think, ‘Ugh, if only I had that one thing I need.’ I think just try to keep track of those when you go shopping and then you’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s what I was missing.’”

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On the 1 Spring Piece She’s Excited to Buy

“In general, I would love some good trench coats. It’s that weird transitional weather. You need something to cover up, but you don’t want to be hot.”

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