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Elizabeth Hurley: Bikini shots not ‘mad ego trip’

Elizabeth Hurley has been in the entertainment industry for three decades, proving that there’s essentially nothing she can’t do. From acting to modeling, and even investing her efforts philanthropically, the 52-year-old is still doing it all — including posing in bathing suits.

Whether you’ve followed her throughout her career or more recently discovered her through her role on the E! hit show The Royals, it’s evident that Hurley is confident with what she’s got. But she doesn’t want people to mistake her for having a “mad ego.”

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Elizabeth Hurley(@elizabethhurley1)分享的貼文 張貼

“It’s not just a mad ego trip,” Hurley tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It’s not just me going nuts on holiday. It’s a business. If I didn’t have my own bikini line, I probably wouldn’t be posting pictures of myself in a bikini.”

Elizabeth Hurley is still posing for bikini photos at 52. (Photo: Instagram/elizabethhurley1)

Although the mother of one has her brand Elizabeth Hurley Beach as an excuse to flaunt her incredible body on her Instagram, the longtime model encourages anyone to get into a bikini. All it takes, she says, is finding your light to snap a good photo.

“Like everybody, I really look to find a flattering light and a suit that fits me and suits me,” she explains. “We spend a little time setting it up and checking it’s flattering, which everybody could learn. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with people wanting to make the best of what they have.”

Most important, this goes for women of any age.

“There has been such a big movement in the last few years, which I think is such a positive one. That not everybody has to be 24 and 90 pounds,” Hurley explains. “People are feeling much more comfortable with their own body shape, with their own body type, and I think that’s a really great thing. At any age, it’s fantastic.”