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Easiest Halloween costumes for men

Halloween is one occasion which no one wants to miss. Men and women find ways to dress up in the most horrific manner possible and scare their friends and relatives alike. However, there would be still some lazy men who would not want to experiment much on their costume yet want to look their best. We bring some Halloween costume ideas for such people.

Scary face tee– Buy a regular t-shirt with a black background. Make sure that the T-shirt has a scary face drawing on it. Wear black snickers and jeans and this is the most basic that you can attempt. Wear gothic rings for Halloween and people would surely get damn scared of you.

Claws for feet– You can go to any supermarket and try this style. Wear a dress that you find suitable and just buy some claw feet to go with it. If you can find the same for hands then nothing like it.

Jack o lantern sweater– Do not want to put in a lot of effort looking for the perfect costume then try this. Buy an orange colored jack o lantern sweater. This would go well with the whole theme and buy it would not pinch your pocket too. Use it later also but just add a jacket with it.

Skeleton onsite– Done to death this is an idea which never fails the occasion. If you can add a mask to it then be sure you do not have to worry much about being in sync. Avoid it if someone else has already shortlisted the same idea.

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Jumpsuit– Forget everything about the Halloween. Just buy a jumpsuit and you are ready to go. You may not look scary but still, as long as you enjoy the evening it hardly matters.

These are some costume ideas for the lazy men of today. Experiment with them and you can have fun on the day without putting in much effort.

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