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Dressing Your Baby Girl Up – A Quick Reference Guide

How to dress your baby girl

While dressing your baby girl, you should always try to support your baby properly by keeping your baby on your lap. While doing this, try to expand the neckline of any clothing  you are putting on the baby so that it can get over the head easily. You can make use of your hands to avoid or reduce any contact which the cloth would have on its face. It is important to remember that pushing your baby arms right through the material or cloth is a big no-no. Instead, you can take your baby’s hands through the outside of the sleeve and pass it through to the inside. A wonderful trick which can come in handy!

Undressing your baby

When you are in the process of undressing your baby, you should try as much as you can to take off the shirt by its sleeve, one after the other. While doing this, ensure that you are always supporting the area around your baby’s head, neck and back. Then try to expand the neckline of the cloth to get the cloth off the baby with the most minimal contact posible.

Clothes to wear in cold weather

When the temperature is under 60 degrees, you are going to need some extra layers to keep your child warm. If you are in this situation, keeping your child dressed in undershirts or underwear. Then put him or her in pajamas. Then the next step you should is to ensure that they are under the blankets which would surely contribute to keeping them warm. If you plan to keep them warmer or the weather is really cold, you can also decide to add a sleeping sack to it.

When the weather is hot

If the weather is well over 60 degrees, then it means that the weather might just be hot for your baby. You can actually let your baby be dressed with just a single layer of clothes. However, it is recommended that you remember the principle that the bay should always be dressed in one extra clothing than you think is necessary. It is all in your discretionary powers. Be sure to stock up on these clothes as you’ll go through them quickly. One good resource for baby girl outfits is Bitsy Bug Boutique – https://bitsybugboutique.com/collections/baby-girl-outfits.

If the baby is premature

If your baby is premature, then it means that he or she is probably smaller than that of a baby that has reached full growth. You can cover your premature baby with one extra layer of clothing. This should be kept this way until the child has proven to be able to take the weather conditions or it has grown to the full size of a normal baby.

Dressing your newborn for the first time

The first few times with your baby can be hell. This is especially true when it comes to dressing your baby up. One of the struggles which most parents face today with their babies is their eternal struggle to get the baby’s hand through the garment’s little holes. Your baby may likely fidget as it definitely is not a fan of being pushed into things or feeling the air on their skin. You would probably have a crying baby when you are done. To reduce the trouble which you would most likely to face, you would better off putting your baby on your lap and supporting then whole they wear their clothes. If this does not work for you, then you should probably lie the child down on the bed.

Dressing your baby in a pajama jumpsuit

To make this process easier for you, you should strive to get them through his or her legs first before even attempting to get his or her sleeves up. When trying to get their sleeves up, you should ensure that you get the t-shirt which you intend to wear your baby over their heads first. Then you can attempt the sleeves by putting their hands inside one at a time.

It is important to note that if you want to have your clothing duties easier for you, there are certain things in clothes that if present can really help. One of such things happens to be the presence of zips. A zip which runs from up to down in the front would really be helpful when taking off the dress. Also having sleeves which are not tight fitted is one way in which you can ensure that you place your baby arms into the sleeves with minimum stress. You would also benefit from fabrics which are a bit stretchy in nature, and this would make it easier for you when dressing and undressing your baby.

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