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How to Dress Like a Cowboy: The Top Tips You Need to Know

A cowboy is one of the richest aspects of American culture. The cowboy is the image of the triumph of the American spirit. It is what represents the rugged individualism that is part of the American psyche.

But how do you become a cowboy? It’s simple – you have got to look like one.

You have to learn how to dress like a cowboy.

We’ve put together this guide to show you how.

The Guide on How to Dress Like a Cowboy

We want you to walk around like a cowboy in the old Wild West! We want you to break through the saloon double-doors and make your presence known.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Get Those Boots On

Of course, one of the first things that come to mind when we think of cowboys is the famous boots.

Make sure you purchase a boot made of pure leather – any other material would not be authentic. These boots should have heels made of stacked leather – though these are known as “wooden heels.”

These boots are more intended for walking and not for riding your horse. But since you are likely to be an urban cowboy, these boots will do the trick just fine.

  1. Pair of Jeans

Purchasing a pair of jeans is the next step needed for becoming a cowboy. While there is no specific brand of jeans for a cowboy, you want a classic well-fitted pair. The kind of baggy jeans that may be fashionable amongst the hip-hop crowd does not work for the cowboy!

It is also advisable to choose a pair of blue jeans. No other color really suits the cowboy aesthetic. Find one that is faded and is light blue. Being a cowboy means that you are making your presence by being subtle. Make sure they also fight well. While you may want to wear a belt with your jeans, you want them to fit enough that you do not need to depend on the belt.

  1. The Hat

This is what you were waiting for. Every cowboy needs a great hat. Ideally, your hat should be white, a light beige, or black. Choose your cowboy hat based on what color scheme you usually wear. Choose one that accentuates your face and your complexion.

You can buy a brand new hat. But if you are willing to buy a worn hat, that will add to the authenticity. For the warm season, use a cowboy hat made of straw. For the winter season, use a beaver fur felt hat. The best-known brands are Stetson and Bailey.

  1. The Shirt

And to add to the combination, you need a great shirt to finish off your cowboy look.

You need a Western-style shirt. There are many great Western shirts for men. There are also great kids Western wear for the little cowboys!

It has to be a long-sleeve button-down shirt. The shirt should have a plaid pattern. The shirt should ideally have a faded tone. Though you should not be afraid to have a rich color scheme for the shirt.

  1. The Belt

As we mentioned, the cowboy’s belt is not required – but if you want to stand out, you want to give importance to it.

While you can opt for a standard black or brown belt with an ordinary silver buckle, it is more exciting to choose one with a “flashy” buckle. You can find a large buckle made of brass or silver.

You can find a buckle that suits your personality. You can find one that has a Western theme: it can advertise a tobacco company, have the imagery of the Wild West, or even a joke!

  1. The Duster Jacket

You may have seen cowboys wearing no-sleeve jackets over their shirts. These are known as duster jackets, or simply “dusters.”

It is a long leather jacket that has large buttons. These are usually used in the winter months. While duster jackets come in a variety of colors, we recommended opting for a class black jacket. If you have a black cowboy hat, this is the perfect opportunity to match the two.

As with your cowboy boots, make sure you purchase genuine leather. Find a duster jacket that fits your body perfectly – it should not be too tight but it should not be baggy either.

  1. The Chaps

Now, if you want to move away from the urban cowboy and want to be a real cowboy on a ranch – you’ll want to invest in a pair of chaps.

These are covers on the front part of your legs. These provide protection when a cowboy is riding his horse. You want to make sure you purchase chaps that are of sturdy material. And as for color, choosing chaps in black is always best.

While chaps are only necessary for a practical purpose if you find yourself at a cowboy-themed event, you may wish to strap on the chaps!

  1. The Gloves

This is another option for the actual cowboy, rather than the urban cowboy. A good pair of leather gloves are great for horseback riding or for working at the ranch. They are also a great general accessory for the winter months.

Gloves can also be used for handling barbed wire, heavy equipment, farming tools, vegetation, and tough rope.

While there are a plethora of color options, choosing black is usually the best option for any outfit combination.

  1. The Spurs

You can always add an extra bit of flair to your cowboy boots with spurs. This is a circular metal device that is attached to the back of the boot. You can wear them as a fashion statement. Or you can use them for their intended purpose: to cue the horse that you are riding to pick up speed or to continue moving.

When you purchase your boots, you want to ask the seller if spurs can be added to the boots. Even if you don’t intend to purchase spurs right away, make sure that the option is available.

Like a Cowboy!

Now that you know how to dress like a cowboy, you are ready to head to the old west and let them know you’re in town!

Make sure you try different combinations of the items to figure out your best Western-style look.

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