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10 Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Rockabilly Zombie Halloween Makeup

Metallic paint and just a touch of sparkle work wonders for this stylishly designed undead Halloween look. This was inspired by one of the looks spotted at Gucci’s FW 2017 runway show, and it’s amazing!



Black Swan Makeup for Halloween

Just a bit manic in the quest for perfection, here it is beautifully splayed and accented with just the right number of feathers.


Reality Melts Away

SFX makeup effects can really sell a look. Here it’s perfectly played with the skeleton paint, creating one of the coolest Halloween makeup looks – the melting one!


Spooky Kitty

Adorable is not a strong enough word for how cute and spooky this cat makeup for Halloween looks. The strong cat eye is beyond perfection.


Sketchy Clown Makeup

Clown looks that are creative, unique and eye-catching in an artsier way like this are unexpected and perfect for Halloween.

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Pennywise Halloween Makeup

Pennywise’s signature look is pretty intense, but this is a great, softer version that can be done for Halloween.


Jaclyn Lantern

Very little screams Halloween like a Jack-o’-lantern. This is a perfect Halloween choice that can be pulled off with makeup alone.


Crystal Skull Halloween Makeup

Just a touch of crustal, not too much and customized to her face makes this a great costume choice for Halloween. This is a nice way of adding a luxury touch to your Halloween makeup.

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Precious Metal Skull Makeup

This is a showstopper of a Halloween look with clever color choices and techniques. The jeweled additions on the face and the neckpiece are excellent accent pieces as well.


Inner Galaxy

A steady hand and clever placement can work wonders. Showing the endless starriness inside will gather compliments left and right.


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