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How To Create Awesome Halloween Costume with Halloween Contacts & Makeup

You’ve scheduled your appointment with VHI for your contact lens examination, what’s next? Perhaps you already have your entire costume for Halloween planned, or maybe you are still trying to decide what to dress as. If you want to wear cosmetic contact lenses, what special effect lenses will you wear? There are so many options, and after you decide, how do you complete your Halloween costume for the ultimate look?

Special Effect Makeup

You want the contact lenses to be noticeable, so most likely you are not planning on wearing a mask, which means – makeup! Guys and gals will be applying theatrical makeup this Halloween, and with the use of the Internet, many trick-or-treaters will look as if they’ve stepped out of a movie set (or space ship, exotic animal show, or grave)!

Using great care when applying your makeup will result in a fun Halloween experience – not a nightmare, frightening one.

Almost any costume can be duplicated with a little time and effort. Special effect make-up is available in Halloween costume shops or online. Follow some simple steps and you could win any costume contest in Orlando you might enter! The following video is a great step-by-step lesson if you want to have a futuristic alien face for Halloween using special FX Makeup.

Some safety tips when using makeup with your cosmetic contact lenses include:

  • Make sure when applying glitter that you tip your head downward so that the extra flakes will not fall into your eyes.
  • Use a soft brush or sponge whenever applying make-up near your eyes.
  • Clean and disinfect your brushes and sponges before each use – never share.
  • Flush your eyes out immediately with contact lens solution if they start to sting.
  • If applying eyelash glue, apply the glue to the artificial lash, not your own lashes.
  • Put your make-up on before inserting your contact lenses.
  • Be sure to clean your contact lenses thoroughly before and after each use.
  • Follow all instructions our doctors have provided in caring for your lenses.
  • Do not hesitate to call the VHI emergency eye care phone number (during office hours call us at 407-893-6222; after hours: 407-234-6560) if something goes wrong.

Whether you are a jungle cat, a zombie or an alien, your specialty contact lenses purchased through us are sure to set your costume apart from the others.

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