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Circle Contacts: Anime Comes To Life

Circle contact lenses are popping up on peepers all over the web thanks in no small measure to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video. Following the trend may seem in, but there are a few things you need to know before you try turning yourself into a real life anime. Discover why you need to consider this look carefully and what you absolutely must do to make sure your eyes stay healthy. There are makeup tips you can use to make your eyes look larger.

What Are Circle Lenses?

Circle contact lenses are different from your regular lenses in that they cover more of your eye. They cover the pupil and iris and then they extend just a little onto the white area. It’s this tiny additional amount that makes your eyes look like a doll’s eyes. Your eyes will appear to be larger than they really are. When you combine the size with color you can achieve some unusual fantasy makeup looks for use with your fairy makeup or wild makeup designs.

When you look at the photo above it appears that the model is wearing a pair of circle contact lenses, but it’s an illusion. This model is not wearing them and neither is Lady Gaga. The effect of larger eyes is created with Photoshop software. You can do this on your own photos with a simple Photoshop Elements program. It’s the best way to get the look. However, there are some people who want to actually wear the lenses.

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Buying Circle Contacts

Your eyesight is more important than your makeup look and keeping your eyes healthy should always take priority. Even though you may already wear contacts, you need to consult with your eye doctor again before trying this particular look. Your eyes need to be measured precisely and they need to be healthy to begin with. Because this type of a lens extends beyond the iris it can cause irritation and problems to your eyes.

Fantasy contacts can be a lot of fun if they’re fitted correctly and worn for only limited amounts of time. Models and actors don’t wear these everyday and neither should you. What they know is that their eyesight is more important than the latest fashion trend.

Anime Eye Makeup Tips

There’s another way you can obtain a very similar look without ever having to put in a pair of circle contact lenses. That’s with makeup. Here’s how:

    • Take a white eyeliner pencil and just draw a thick line above and then below your eyes.
    • Use a black eyeliner and draw a line below the white eyeliner.
  • Finish by putting on a pair of false eyelashes.

You’ll see these makeup tips create an amazing effect. It actually gives the illusion of making your eyes appear larger. Then, if you want to go really wild with the look you can even use a pair of false eyelashes under your eyes to extend enlarge them even further.

Circle contact lenses are best worn only in your imagination. Use Photoshop Elements and tweak your photographs. Your eyes are beautiful just the way they are and if you want to engage in a little fun do it makeup.