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Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

Some may think that wedding jewelry is just an afterthought, but you will soon find out that it’s very important – probably at the last minute. Others don’t have the same problem because gifting jewelry is sometimes a custom for brides.

Now, if you’re not receiving any baubles for the time being, you should think about what jewelry you will be wearing on your wedding day and maybe for other events that line up with the wedding. Who knows? You could even add some honeymoon jewelry while shopping. Now, let’s get to it.

What kind of jewelry should you wear on your wedding day?

The easy answer is anything you want. However, you may think otherwise once you see the photos. Jewelry is often used as an accent. If it were the centerpiece, it’s usually because the jeweler wants to market the piece. These instances include press events or galas that feature large pieces of jewelry.

For weddings, the centerpiece is the bride. Not the dress. Not the hair. Not the jewelry. It’s the bride’s overall presence. So, if the jewelry is taking too much attention, you may need to tone it down a bit. You can always check this during fittings as well.

Here are your options:


The best kind of earrings should be chosen based on your hairstyle. First of all, never use chandelier earrings if you don’t plan on getting a really big hairstyle. The ideal pair should be like round diamonds, teardrop earrings, pearls, or studs. Either way, your glow will steal the show.

If you want something a little more extravagant, you can choose smaller sized chandelier earrings, hanging earrings, and dangling earrings. However, when you do this, make sure it accentuates your face, neck, and hair. Basically, the shape of your face should overpower the earrings rather than the other way around.


Traditionally, the bride only wears the engagement ring. However, other weddings, especially weddings with traditional jewelry require you to wear more rings. If you want to wear other rings, you should choose a ring that will not take away the attention from your engagement ring or wedding band.

The styles you can use should not have large gems. Your options include thin rings, upper finger rings, MIDI rings, and other types that are unlike your wedding band and engagement ring. It goes without saying that you should not a different ring to your wedding ring finger.


As mentioned above, your necklace should not be the centerpiece of your wedding look. Unless it is part of the wedding dress design, you should refrain from using necklaces with large pendants – even if this is the trend.

So, what necklace should you use? Just use the principle of neck to collarbone ratio. You can also use a neck to cleavage ratio if you are wearing a low neckline. The necklace should rest on your neck or chest and accentuate your face and neck. You can also use a necklace with one pendant or a necklace that has one medium pendant and accompanying gems on the side like infinity necklaces, illusion diamond necklaces.

Other Type of Jewelry

For Indian weddings, brides use traditional jewelry. Some Asian weddings don’t use jewelry, but instead prefer to add brooches to their dress and hair. If you look at the different cultures, you will notice that many use their traditional jewelry instead of conventional jewelry.

For regular weddings, other jewelry may include tiaras, arm bracelets, anklets, and so much more. One thing that you can expect from any wedding, however, are diamonds. It’s a nice and classy addition to any wedding set.

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