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Video:Chloe Khan has turned back to solo webcam sex shows – but claims she is earning £2k an HOUR

The racy reality star has returned to the raunchy online job after her stint on CBB last year

Chloe Khan is back in the racy world of webcamming after a six month break – and charges £4 a minute for the raunchy shows.

The 24-year-old busty star – who claimed to have quit performing online sex shows before she went into the Celebrity Big Brother house last summer – is able to make more than £10,000 a day through her live videos.

Chloe has always been open about her webcamming, and she still performs occasionally – with footage posted by The Sun Online showing her doing a raunchy routine.

The steamy scenes see the topless star grabbing her boobs and turning her back to the camera.

Chloe is afraid to flashed the flesh (Photo: Channel 5)
She posts racy snaps on social media

According to the report, her profile on the site claims she is “the only bad b***h that managed to keep the mainstream balance with been a Barbiebimbo (sic)”.

Dominations, foot worship and dogging are listed as her interests, including a number of raunchy kinks and activities that are too rude to publish.

A source told Mirror Celebs that, Chloe can earn £2,400 an hour by performing £4-a-minute group sessions for 10 customers.

Chloe has opened up about webcamming in the past

The self-made millionaire runs a popular webcam business Everyone’s Secret, and boasted last year she can make £50 a minute it that’s good .

“The webcam girl thing you can go online, group or private, set your own price and guys can come in and chat to you. You can set it for £5 a minute. If you’ve got ten people that’s £50 a minute, so it’s really good money,” she said last year.

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