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The Weeknd Admits He’s Scared of Marriage as Selena Gomez Romance Rumors Swirl

Selena Gomez, you might want to pay attention! The Weeknd covers the February issue of GQ, and in the magazine, the musician chats about sex and marriage.

“I feel like I’m the kind of guy that would have kids before getting married,” the “Starboy” singer, real name Abel Tesfaye, confesses. “The first thing would be kids. Marriage is scary to me, man.”

However, that’s not because he’s solely interested in that groupie life. Abel, 26, explains that now, as opposed to a few years ago, he’s in a different place now “psycho-sexually,” as he puts it.

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“Right now, I’m much more, like, self-regulating than I was four years ago, when I first started getting everything and enjoying life,” he says. “I don’t focus on it as much as I used to. You know what I mean? Before, it’s like, ‘Holy f*** — this is amazing.’ Right now, it’s like a good song turns me on way more. Like, that gets me horny, like, literally gets me horny.”

The interview took place about a month ago, after his split with Bella Hadid (which he didn’t want to discuss) and before he started cozying up to her sort-of-friend, Selena Gomez.

However, the Weeknd’s new single, “Party Monster,” seems to be suggesting that Justin Bieber’s ex has been on his mind for a while. One lyric describes a girl he’s eyeing as having an “ass shaped like Selena.” Fans are speculating as to whether it’s about Gomez, 24, or the late Selena Quintanilla. While we may never know the answer to that, there is one thing we do know. Bella is not shipping this new romance. The 20-year-old model unfollowed Gomez on Instagram after the PDA pics surfaced.

Anyone else sort of dying to know what happens next? Stay tuned…

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