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Lil Kim a person of interest in Los Angeles robbery

Police in Los Angeles are looking to speak to rapper Lil Kim over a robbery that she may have been involved in. She’s officially been labeled a person of interest.

The whole centers around a home that Kim rented for the BET awards.

TMZ reported on June 25 that the rap legend rented a home in L.A. for BET weekend. But, when she went to the house, she decided she didn’t like it and demanded her money back from either the owner or property manager, who refused to give it back to her.

Cops were eventually called but told both Kim and the manager that they couldn’t do anything because it was a civil matter. After that, both Kim and the police left.

However, around 4 a.m. on June 25, TMZ claims that a group of people showed up to the home in ski masks and weapons. Once there, they got Kim’s $20,000 deposit back. After that, they also slashed all the victim’s tires and even stole a hubcap.

The celebrity website said Los Angeles police have officially launched a robbery investigation.

At the BET Awards, Kim is set to honor late rapper Prodigy, who passed away in Las Vegas on June 20.


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