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Elle Macpherson shocks by promoting anti-vax campaign

Supermodel Elle Macpherson has shocked her fans by promoting an anti-vaccination campaign led by her boyfriend, Andrew Wakefield, a disgraced former doctor.

Taking to the stage in front of an audience in North Carolina in the US to promote an anti-vax propaganda video, saying the coronavirus pandemic is a “divine time” to discuss the dangerous idea.

It comes as Pfizer and Moderna revealed their coronavirus vaccines are reaching almost 95 per cent effectiveness in trials.

Andrew was banned from practising medicine after presenting his notoriously false research where he claimed the measles vaccine leads to autism.

In footage obtained by The Daily Mail, Elle says to Andrew at the event, “You made this film during COVID, and it’s interesting because it’s such beautiful, sacred timing when you watch the film, because it’s so pertinent and so relevant. … And for it to come in this divine time where vaccination and mandatory vaccination is on everybody’s lips.”

It’s the first time Elle has acknowledged their relationship in public and endorsed his beliefs.

Elle added that she was “honoured” to be sharing the stage with Andrew, saying she first heard of him in 1998, when his false claims about vaccines and autism were released.

Fans have reacted on social media, telling Elle not to be “so irresponsible” and promoting Andrew’s message.

“This is why Elle will forever be known as The Body but never as The Brain,” one Twitter user savagely wrote.

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“Australia, can you please take her back before she kills more Americans?” another user wrote. “We have enough lunatics of our own.”

Andrew’s claims caused many people not to vaccinate their children, thus leading to numerous measles outbreaks.

After being banned from the medical world in the UK, Andrew moved to the US, where he gained fame as a filmmaker and anti-vax campaigner.

He has dismissed the coronavirus, which he refers to as the “WuFlu” after the city of Wuhan in China where the virus was first detected.

Andrew said at an online Health Freedom Summit the death toll of the virus had been “greatly exaggerated” and the effects of the pandemic were “based upon a fallacy”.

Dr Tony O’Sullivan, a retired consultant paediatrician, told Daily Mail the spread of anti-vaccination “lies” during the coronavirus pandemic would lead to “the deaths of millions more”.

“The anti-vaccination movement has never been more dangerous and pernicious than at this time of the pandemic,” he said.’


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“It is based on ignorance and selfishness. It is peddling lies about the safety of vaccinations and the purposes of them. Vaccinations are a hugely important public measure to keep people safe.”

“I think people are entering dangerous waters when they have scant knowledge about vaccinations against science and dedicated scientists,” he said of Elle’s appearance alongside Andrew.

At a screening of his film 1986: The Act, which is about “the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and its consequences” according to IMDb, Andrew hinted that Justin Timberlake had backed the film.