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Don McLean to Perform at Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa

The iconic singer and songwriter who managed to write one of the best songs in American history called “American Pie” will perform this song and his other hits at The Joint, which is located in the legendary Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa. The show is scheduled for July 3, so if you happen to be nearby, make sure to check out Don McLean as you will have an opportunity to witness history unfold in front of your eyes.


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Tickets will be available for sale on April 11, and their prices start at $19.50. Due to the popularity of this musician, it is assumed that all tickets will be gone in a couple of days, so we advise you to obtain them as soon as possible before it is too late.

Who is Don McLean?

Don McLean is a singer/songwriter of Scottish descent. His family moved to the USA, where Donald was born and exposed to early influences such as Frank Sinatra and Buddy Holly. He was interested in folk music as well, and the Weavers were one of his favorite bands back then.

McLean had asthma as a kind, and he missed school often due to his condition. However, his love of music flourished, and his undeniable talent was set in motion when he decided to buy his first guitar. McLean began making a lot of contacts with other musicians and managed to befriend the likes of Erik Darling and Fred Hellerman.

Don’s father died when he was 15, and he decided to finish his Preparatory School since that was the wish of his father. He enrolled at university after that but attended it for four months only. He soon managed to get an agent of his own and started actively performing at various venues and events.

The Early Success

McLean was rejected a total of 72 times by record labels for his first album, called Tapestry. It was finally accepted, and it had moderate success due to the fact that it was released by a minor record label. However, United Artists Records released his second album—called American Pie—which as a real cultural milestone in US history and defined popular music that we know today. It was the American Pie album that contained two of his major hits – American Pie and Vincent.

After this album, everything skyrocketed for Don McLean, who started world-wide tours. Furthermore, he continued recording songs, and he is active even today, with his latest album released in 2018. In fact, Botanical Gardens was his 21st album, which puts him on a list of the most productive artists in the world.

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American Pie

Although written in the 70s, American Pie is still a huge hit today, and it was a chart-topper for a very long time. The song basically tells a nostalgic story of the author’s grief about the death of the “Holy Trinity” of rock’n’roll – Ritchie Valens, JP “The Big Bopper” Richardson, and Buddy Holly (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost). It lasts for almost ten minutes and is filled with metaphors and allusions to many popular celebrities and political figures that were popular back in the day.

McLean’s concerts are very popular as he loves performing famous songs from his favorite artists, including Buddy Holly and Frank Sinatra. In other words, if you are a fan of the good old folk, rock, blues, and jazz tunes, make sure to check out Don McLean in Tulsa if you can!

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