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Ariel Winter’s Midriff Enjoys a Breath of Fresh Air

Ariel Winter is one of the more photo- and attention-prone actresses in current circles in Hollywood. Due in part, perhaps, to her outspoken and body-positive approach to all things style and fashion, she continues to attract gawkers,pretty much where ever she goes. Winter’s latest photographic foray came in the form of an outfit of the day (aka #ootd) post on Instagram.


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Dressed primarily in hip-hugger jeans and an undershirt tank top cut as short as a holiday work week, she also sported a smart pair of glasses. And her fans — currently clocking in at 3.5 million souls (give or take a few bots) — seemed to appreciate the gesture.

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“Stunning,” wrote one commenter on her Instagram account. “She looks how kylie jenner wants to look,” wrote another, calling up the frequent rivalry the two personalities seem to generate. As the website Hollywood Life reported recently, Jenner herself is reportedly “a little irritated” that Winter seems to be constantly “stealing her look.”

We don’t believe there’s anything to be gained by comparing the two, but they certainly do share a visual aesthetic. Only time will tell who’s look will make it to the history books.




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