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CBD For Beauty Products

One surprising thing you might not know is that CBD is now a key ingredient in many beauty products. The benefits of CBD have long been utilised though not always fully understood – millennia ago, the Chinese were using hemp for treating a wide variety of ailments, including all kinds of skin conditions. It has been used by many cultures over the ages for various reasons that are beneficial to health.

The current trend of using CBD as an ingredient in beauty products has been driven in the United Kingdom where manufacturers of beauty products have taken advantage of relaxed legislation to explore the possibilities of CBD to a great extent. Many people are aware of the benefits associated with consuming CBD internally and this has actually been the case for a while now, but the numerous benefits to the skin are being unearthed by using it as a topical application (in balms and creams).

What Does The Research Say?

CBD oil for skin is the new craze that is sweeping the United Kingdom. According to the most current research, CBD helps boost the production of lipids in the body that are involved in the treatment of all kinds of skin problems, which include providing an effective barrier over the skin to keep out microbes as well as reduce moisture loss. That along with the potential for CBD to combat problems such as UV or sun damage have led to the increased popularity of CBD among beauty companies in the world seeking to develop new product lines.

A good number of celebrities have endorsed it too, which include the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow who’s a Hollywood ‘A-lister’ as well as Olivia Wilde who is an actor and director.

Fad Or Here For Good?

The question is whether CBD is the latest fad or it is actually capable of helping with your beauty regimen.

For starters, a lot of evidence points to the fact that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect. That makes it highly suitable as a topical application that can help with various conditions, which include skin blotches, acne, or even psoriasis. Several companies have introduced lotions and creams for controlling acne that contain CBD as one of the key ingredients.

There isn’t any doubt that beauty companies are looking at all possibilities. A manufacturer of mascara has even introduced CBD into its mix by proclaiming that it can help improve conditioning of the lashes as well as preventing the perennial flaking problem.

Obviously, it isn’t unusual for the beauty industry to become carried away by the new, ‘miracle’ ingredients. However, research by NCBI shows that CBD actually has an effect on the sebaceous glands and helps in the regulation of the production of natural skin oils – so much so that it can have a positive impact on conditions like acne.

According to some of the beauty companies, products that contain CBD can help reduce skin dryness and improve the natural barriers of the skin by increasing the production of lipids in the body. There are also fatty acids and micro nutrients that can be beneficial to the skin. Users report having an improved skin condition and much healthier glow after using the products for some time.

It is revealing that a lot of well-known spas have started introducing CBD treatments into their services too. Such include CBD massages that not only impact the skin in a positive way but also lower stress levels too. It is hardly surprising that CBD is now showing up in all kinds of products from oils and creams, to makeup products, and bath salts to CBD lip balms. It is always important to be aware of the quality of the products as well as companies you buy from, so you should always do proper research, but there isn’t any doubt that there are clear therapeutic reasons to use CBD in beauty products.


Obviously, there’s still a lot of research to be done but if you want to add something to your beauty regimen that’s good for your skin, ointments and creams containing CBD are a safe bet and won’t go away any time soon.


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