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Britney Spears Takes To Both Instagram & Twitter To Remind You She’s Still Alive

You want to hear the craziest statistical fact, maybe ever? No, it’s not about Joe Dimaggio’s 56-game hit streak. And no, it isn’t that J. Cole went platinum with no features, although that comes in at a close second. It’s that Britney Spears is only 35 years old. For comparison, Katy Perry is 32. I don’t know about you, but I feel like Britney Spears is at least 20 years older than Katy Perry. I know the math doesn’t compute, but I’ve never really been a data guy. I’m a gut guy. And my gut says Britney Spears strikes me as if she’s 47 years old.

I’m by no means a Britney Spears hater. She was a staple of my childhood and at her peak was as hot as basically anyone ever. And I’m totally sympathetic to the fact that being that famous that young f*cks with you. I’m just saying, Britney Spears seems like she’s been around for two lifetimes.

That said, even though she’s still young for the Earth but like still very old, she’s still looking fine as hell these days. If our wives look like this at 35, we’ve won. I think.


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