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Best Deodorants for Women in Summer 2019

Everyone wants to smell fresh. The summertime however, brings a lot of challenges with that (or if you live in a constantly hot climate). Not only do you have to deal with the stress sweat of daily life, and gym time, you also have to deal with the increased heat outside which means you have to work extra hard to keep those underarms fresh on a regular basis.

No one wants to have BO, and it’s even worse in the summertime. Let’s take a look at some of the best deodorants for this summer, and it’s sure to be a hot one with the way the weather has been going.

The products you will find here you can find at most of your big stores such as Target and Walmart, as well as online Amazon. Nothing crazy and when you need it you need it and being able to easily access it is also an important factor.

All of these deodorants are great options for those who need a little more in the summer heat. They will keep you dry and BO free for the entire day. However, if none of them are working, there are additional antiperspirants and other options that your doctor could give you to keep you dry.

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

This one is personally recommended. For the summer it works amazingly well from the first application. While it’s a bit pricey it is worth the cost.

This keeps my underarms sweat free (almost freakishly so) and smelling good as well no matter what I am doing from going to work (where those few moments between the car and the building can be brutal) to the gym where extra sweat is normal. After multiple applications it actually helps to reduce odor and sweat after getting out of the pool which is convenient.

Crystal Deodorant Essence Mineral Roll-On

If you are looking for an aluminum free one, this could be your options. It’s a stick that doesn’t clump or get flaky and because it has essential oils and extracts in it you can be assured that your underarms will also remain smooth.

Degree for Women Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray

Maybe you like the feel of a spray better, the cool mist does seem kind of refreshing after a hot shower.

No residue, instantly dry, and non messy feel, this will keep you dry all day. Degree also touts their MOTIONSENSE which means that you will get a burst of freshness during your most stressful (or hot) times of the day. Running to your meeting? Have no fear, Degree will keep you dry.

Degree Women Stay Fresh Deodorant Wipes

These are perfect for when you need to carry some around because maybe you forget to wear deodorant and you keep backups everyone, or you are heading to/from the gym, have a quick change before going out to a meeting or a date after work and need to freshen up without the shower.

Just take one, wipe, and you are refreshed with some clean pits that are sweat free and newly deodorized as well.

Tom’s Natural Strength Deodorant

Another for the all-natural category. A lot of people swear by Tom’s products and their deodorant is no different.

This one provides 48 continuous hours of fresh smelling underarms. Because it’s all natural you can continue to have healthy, non-aluminum touched underarms that are softened with beeswax. You can feel comfortable that when using this one, you will remain dry and smell free throughout whatever the day has to offer you.

Certain Dri Clinical Strength Roll-On Antiperspirant

Even though all the products above are amazing, sometimes you need more. Everybody is different and some women naturally sweat more or less than others. If you are in the more category and none of the rest helped you, try this one.

It’s a close to a prescription as you can get without actually getting a prescription.  It’s safe to use on a regular basis so when the days start getting hot, start putting on this option to keep you as dry as possible during the day (and night) without having to go to your doctor.




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