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Benefits of Making Soap At Home

Today, we are becoming aware of the impact that personal products have on our overall health. We know of the added chemicals, increased costs and the commercial processes that are involved in the manufacturing of personal hygiene items such as soap and facial scrubs. These are soaps that we use daily to bathe ourselves.

The manufacturers use toxic substances that can cause diseases and cancers. The fragrances and dyes they incorporate are associated with allergies and skin afflictions. It is because of this that you should realize the benefits of making soap at home. 

How is soap made? 

The internet provides many techniques on how you can make your own soap.

Most of the recipes that you will find involve mixing oils like olive and coconut. An agent like lye is added to facilitate the chemistry of soap making. The recipes may also include some fragrances that are in form of essential oils. You may also include essential oils and additives like lavender, rosemary, oatmeal, or cornmeal. 

Here are the benefits of making your own soap at home: 

  1. Health benefits 

The primary component of the real soap is glycerin. The commercial manufacturers eliminate the glycerin to use in skin lotions and creams. The product that reaches the consumers acts as a laundry detergent.

Making your own soap at home, you can decide the ingredients to use and the ones to do away with. Skin dryness and irritation are the most side effects that you will avoid when you make and use your own soap. 

  1. Improves the chronic skin conditions 

If you suffer from chronic skin conditions, it is a very difficult task to get a soap that can soothe your symptoms. As you make your own soap at home, you can include Shea butter, beeswax, olive oil and other natural ingredients that will add more healing to your skin. 

  1. Saves money

Although the discounted soaps are cheap, their quality is poor.  For you to acquire yourself quality soap, you will pay more for it. If you purchase your own ingredients in large quantity and make soap by the batch, you can shave off some of the cost. Some ingredients such as essential oils have many uses and cannot go to waste on your shelves. 

  1. Do more than cleaning 

This is the whole idea behind a homemade soap. They are robust. It is easy to tailor the soap to fit your own personal health needs. You can even improve the quality of your aromatherapy as you bathe. You may also add moisturizing agents or ingredients that exfoliate. 

  1. Enhances creativity 

By making your own soap you explore a creative idea that could have not known. This is because you can create elaborate designs and add different colors. You can even get different molds to make various shapes.


Making your soap contributes to a healthier and more natural environment. If you are hesitant or afraid of making your own soap, be encouraged by the benefits listed above. Try it and enjoy the benefits!


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