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Is your skincare giving you spots? You might want to rethink your night-time routine

If you’ve ever gone to bed without a blemish in sight and woken up with a nasty breakout on your chin or a bulbous mound on your forehead, there might be a reason for that.

Applying moisturser every night may be a skincare routine you’ve religiously followed since you started wearing make-up as a tween, however it appears it may be causing your skin a lot of unnecessary distress.

The creamy goodness is usually applied overnight to rehydrate the skin, but it turns out that if you suffer from an oily visage, you could be clogging up your pores when they need time to breathe.

“Clogged, oily skin can be caused by so many different factors,” beauty expert Allie Clark told Be.

“One most definitely is using rich, heavy creams. If your skin is combination (with out a moisturiser your skin feels dry and tight in some place and comfortable or possibly a bit oily in other areas) it can become clogged, prone to breakouts and oily if you use the wrong products.”

Allie claims you need to balance out the skin at night by using moisturisers that combine hydration with emollients and essential fatty acids.

In the colder months you could try adding a few drops of a skin-identical oil, like jojoba, which will give you the supple skin you crave.

During the night is when the skin is supposed to repair itself and our self-care mechanisms are meant to kick in.

However according to Allie “our modern lifestyles, diet and make-up use interrupt this rhythm”.

She recommends replacing old-fashioned, heavy, rich creams with a cream that contains a slow release formula.

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“Slow release ingredients work in sync with your skins repair process,” she said.

“A night cream doesn’t just mean a richer version of your day cream. The best for most skins is a balm texture, that will hydrate, nourish, repair and even work to rewind the clock, while feeling comfortable and soothing on the skin.”


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