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15 Useful Hacks for Doing Your Nails

Do you resent doing your own nails because you end up creating a huge mess? Don’t be discouraged. Just follow these 15 useful hacks for neat and nicely-polished nails.

#1. Line your nails with petroleum jelly.


Before painting your nails, line the skin around them with petroleum jelly or white glue using a clean, cotton swab. This creates a protective barrier between the polish and your skin. After painting your nails, just wipe off the petroleum jelly and you’ll be surprised to see that your polish mistakes will also wipe along with it.



#2. Paint two base coat layers.


Make your polish last longer by painting two base coat layers. Start off by painting the first layer only up to the top half portion of your nails. After it dries, paint the second layer, this time covering the entire nail. This technique protects the tips of your nails from chipping.



#3. Use a white nail polish as a basecoat.


The natural tint of your fingers affect the color of your polish. To get a paint’s true color and to make it really pop out, put on a white polish for your base and go over it with your colored one.



#4. Paint your nail art designs on a plastic sandwich bag.


For a flawless outcome, paint your nail art designs on a clean, plastic sandwich bag first. Paint a few thick coats of polish onto the plastic and add your desired design on top. Wait for it to dry up then peel each design off the plastic. Seal them on your nails with nail art glue or a clear topcoat.



#5. Use paper hole reinforcement stickers for a half-moon mani.


Place the stickers along the ase of your nail and secure it with a bobby pin or a nail art dotter tool. Pain your first coat along the stickers. Let it dry then paint a second coat. After a couple of minutes, carefully remove the sicker.



#6. Use a tape for two-tone designs.



Choose two different polishes you’d like to work with. On each of your nails, paint one coat of the lighter polish first. Seal it with a clear top coat. When it is completely dry, apply two strips of tape over the tips of your nails. Position them to cross in the middle, creating a common point. Take the darker polish and paint a layer over the entire nail and on top of the tape. Let it dry for a couple of minutes. Take both ends of the tape and carefully peel them off at the same time.


#7. Use the tip of a pencil eyeliners as a jewel applicator.



Jewels are so tiny they can be hard to work with. Usually, our fingers or tweezers are just too big. To apply nail art jewels conveniently, use the tip of an eyeliner or lip pencil instead.


#8. Loop a rubber band around your finger tip for a French manicure.


Who says it is impossible to do a French manicure all on your own? With a rubber band, you definitely can! Take a clean rubber band and tie it in the middle. Loop one end over your thumb and align the other end over the top of your nail to create a French tip shape. With the edge of the rubber band as a guide, paint the tips of your nails.

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#9. Create a custom color by mixing loose pigments.


Can’t seem to find a color you love? Create your own polish by mixing a little bit of eyeshadow pigment and clear polish on a spoon with a cotton swab. When you achieve your desired color, grab a brush and paint over your nails.


#10. Make your nails dry faster with a cold soak.


Avoid ruining your nails after a manicure session by soaking your hands in ice-cold water before polishing. Fill a bowl with ice and water and soak your hands for a few minutes. The cold water helps the paint set better and allows your nails to dry quicker.



#11. Quick-dry with nonstick cooking spray.


After polishing your nails, spray some nonstick cooking spray on your nails such as PAM. Hold the can a few inches away and make sure you spray your nails evenly. Let it set for a few minutes then wash the oily residue off with water.


#12. Fix a smudged nail with the tip of your tongue.


Accidentally smudged a nail? Readjust the pain with the tip of your tongue. It is soft enough to fix the smudged polish without leaving any imprints. Use this only when necessary and be careful not to lick your nail polish too often.



#13. Remove polish with soaked cotton pads.


Some types of nail polish are so stubborn you can’t remove them that easily. Spare yourself from stressing out over them by soaking a cotton pad in nail polish remover and placing it on your nail. Next, wrap a strip of foil around the cotton and squeeze to secure it in place. Leave the foil wraps for about five minutes. Slide off the foil and cotton at the same time. Your polish should come off with it.

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#14. Roll your nail polish bottle to avoid bubbles.


Most of us are guilty of shaking our nail polish bottles before using them. We’ve been doing it wrong the whole time. To avoid bubbles, hold the bottle between your palms and rub your hands back and forth. This will stir the polish without running your manicure.


#15. Loosen stubborn nail polish with a hot soak.


To loosen stubborn nail polish, put the bottle upside down in a cup filled with really hot water. Fill the cup just high enough to cover only the lid. Don’t soak the whole bottle to preserve the consistency of



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