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14 Valentine’s Day-inspired nail designs to get you in the spirit of love

We love Valentine’s Day nail art so much that we had to find swoon-worthy designs for our next nail appointment. It is like having 10 tiny canvases of art to express yourself! Right now, we are expressing the love quite literally because what’s better than holiday nail art? We’re less than a week away from Valentine’s Day, so it is a perfect time to get something inspired by our fave love-filled holiday. Sure, you can do a classic pink or red nail, but why not add some flair? We’ve rounded up our favorite nail lewks, so if you’re feeling audacious, try them out for yourself!

The possibilities for Valentine’s Day nail art are endless!

Here are the top 14 designs giving us total heart eyes.

1. Layered Base Hearts


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These layered hearts are the perfect addition to a nude or pale pink nail base!

2. Polka Dots and Hearts


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Another simple design is polka dots! The secret to perfect dots and tiny hearts? Use a toothpick!

3. Heart Shaped Gems

If you want something a little more subtle, but still glam, a gem or bead is a great way to add a little heart detail to your nails!

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4. Cutout Clear Hearts


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We love these clear cutout hearts with shimmery outlines!

5. Heart Sealed Love Letters


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These valentine envelopes are SO cute!

6. Kiss Covered French Tips

Tied to your classic mani? Add some cute kisses on top!

7. Pale Pink and Black Hearts


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These are meant to be Anti-Valentine’s Day nails, but we are totally in love.

8. Mix and Match Kisses

Adding some loose glitter can make your kisses shimmer!

9. “LOVE” Cursive Nails


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Who says it all has to fit on one nail? Spread the LOVE!

10. Valentine’s Themed Stickers


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Stickers are totally the way to go for quick, cute, affordable nails!

11. Conversation Candy Heart Nails

This list would be nothing without an homage to our favorite chalky treat!

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12. Heart Tipped Claws


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V-Day nails don’t need to be short and sweet. We love these heart tips!

13. Pastel Heart Balloons


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We LOVE pastels, and these cute balloons are perfect accent nail designs!

14. Striped With Hearts

We love these mixed and matched nails, and they remind us of Victoria’s Secret and Sephora bags!

Can’t choose? Well, you always have your toes too!

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