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Two Toned Lip Art Tutorial You Need To Know

Whenever I apply makeup I don’t forget that it’s an art for I must be creative to get the good results. If you know how to play with the colors you can do magic, if you don’t know how to apply the right amount of colors on your lips, you’d better learn it in order to look good.

Luckily there are some makeup artists who are sharing their ideas to help others. If you have ever wondered as how the artists had ever created so impeccable, perfect purple ombre lips, here is one guide for you. Keep in mind that the use of two different shades can make a big difference in how your lip color turns out to be. The use of glossy pink and dark pink can create  a petal like rosy lip impression if you choose both colors carefully and apply them correctly the way they should be used.

Review this tutorial on perfect purple ombre lips and try it yourself to see how it works out to be. This tutorial is easy to follow and easy to perform. The technique involves the use of white liquid pencil and one dark violet shade, they can be merged easily. It would be fun to perform this art on your own, maybe you don’t get perfect results in the beginning but with practice you definitely can.

Important Notes:

Using a white base is important because it is liking preparing the lips for the makeup, also the color will last for a long time if it has a base coat first.

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Use liquid lip pencil in white color to give an edgy two toned effect to the makeup, if you have overdone with the white shade you can remove it by dabbing it on the tissue paper.

The same two toned makeup can be done in different ways, if you have more time you can incorporate some glitters, sparkles and nice shades.

Use small amount of balm onto the final coat because it will help keep the colors in their condition besides adding some moisturizer to keep you hydrated. There is no need to use any particular brand of the balm, any brand will do it- make the skin of lips moist and soft.

The key to getting the perfect result is the blending of lip colors so make sure whatever brand you are using it is mixable. Avoid using matte versions of lipsticks in the art because they can make your lips dry and chapped, the use of gloss will not make any good effect because the base itself is very dried in its texture.

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