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Makeup Artist Brings Each Zodiac Sign to Life in Strikingly Gorgeous Photo Series

If you live your life based on the position of the sun and moon — and fear what could happen when Mercury is in retrograde — then you’re going to love this Instagrammer’s astrological looks. Setareh Hosseini is an incredibly talented makeup artist from Toronto and her latest project has us seeing stars.

She’s created a series of makeup masterpieces for each zodiac sign, using her face as a canvas to bring the signs to life. But beyond the striking looks, Setareh has deeply analyzed each of the signs to create totally accurate readings as captions, explaining how her work represents the personality traits of each sign.

Keep reading to see each of Setareh’s astrological designs, and then, check out these perfect highlighters for each zodiac sign.


“Fiery and fiercely passionate, she wears a steel armor and her horns always aim ready for battle. Forever taking charge and continuously looking for dynamic and competition. Driven by avidity and born a fearless leader, she bares a pure and almost childlike soul; untainted & unafraid.”Taurus “You can usually pick her out from a crowd — she’s the one with the loudest laugh, the brightest smile, and the most confident strut of them all. Her hair is a mane made of gold, and her skin glows like a sunset. She is an alpha, a lioness, a leader and a warrior. She may appear soft like a daydream, but she has a never ending inferno burning inside her.”Virgo “She’s a restless wanderer; always hunting for new ideas and experiences. Her arrow symbolizes her desire for direction and a higher purpose. She’s the maven of adventure, the learned healer whose higher intelligence forms a bridge between heaven and earth.”

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