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Helix Tattoos Are the Adorable New Trend Guaranteed to Replace Your Earrings

If you didn’t have pierced ears growing up and found yourself jealous of your trendy toddler friends with studs, this new trend is the ultimate way to make up for the lack of bling in your youth. First spotted by Elle UK, helix tattoos are the adorable new tattoo trend taking over Instagram, and by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll probably want them to take over your ears as well. The helix is the thin curved portion on the side of your ear, and it’s being spiced up with some awesome ink.

While heartilage piercings were unquestionably our favorite piercing trend, helix tattoos are right up there for favorite ear decor. With these elegant designs, you can always look chic (you don’t have to worry about your tat falling off the way earrings could!). But the best part is, there are so many unique ways you can design your ear tattoo. Between flowers, simple lines, and even tiny leaves, the possibilities are endless. Keep reading to see photos of the awesome helix tattoos.

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