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’90s Babies Will Flip For These Nostalgic Beauty Finds

There are fewer things in life more bittersweet than reminiscing about your younger years — but when beauty editors do it, we like to focus on our history with beauty products. As we’ve gotten older, we’ve spent less time thinking about our hair and makeup faux pas (“I can’t believe I wore teal eye shadow in seventh grade!”) and devoted more time to remembering all of our favorite loot. To our delight, many old standbys are still available for purchase. And while we love resurrecting our throwback beautifiers, we’ve got a few new selections that are just as addictive. Click through for a stroll down memory lane.












Before nail art became a household idea, Hard Candy was on the scene offering the crazy colors women only dreamed of painting on their fingertips. The fact that each bottle came with a ring that matched your manicure was just icing on the cake. Hard Candy still makes amazing, affordable nail polishes (which are, sadly, sans rings, so we turn to eBay for those). Today’s equivalent is indie Aussie brand Picture Polish. This company produces its lacquer in small batches, creates crazy and unique colors, and has a cult following. Bling out your digits with the festive shade Blogger ($9).






The scrunchie is a pretty iconic item, no matter what Carrie Bradshaw has to say about it. Besides being spotted on every sitcom star of the ’80s and ’90s, these fabric hair ties add flair without harming delicate strands. Even if you’d only wear one while washing your face at home, you have to admit that American Apparel’s denim scrunchie ($6) is retro perfection. If you want the benefits of a gentle ponytail holder without the bulk, try Emi-Jay’s hair ties ($7-$13). These thin fabric strips double as chic bracelets and come in a wide variety of swatches and prints, so you’ll be able to find one for every outfit.

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