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21 cute winter-themed tattoo designs

There’s something calm and peaceful about winter. Because of the holidays that follow each other around this time of year, a lot of us get to spend more time at home winding down with family and loved ones and less time out and about. Not only is it the ultimate excuse to spend almost every day in the warmth of your own home and cozying up with hot cocoa and other beloved warm drinks, it’s also the perfect time to get a meaningful tattoo.

Hear us out on this one. It’s better to get a tattoo during the colder months since your skin will be exposed to the sun a lot less, meaning you’re less likely to sweat and potentially cause an infection. It’s also the best time to look into cute winter-themed tattoo designs. We’ve seen some cute Summer-themed ideas, but we just can’t stop looking at tiny snowflakes, detailed mountains, and cold-weather-loving animals as future tattoo potentials! Whether you just love the season or you’re seriously looking for some tattoo inspiration, let these options ahead be your guide.

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