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10 Makeup Tricks to Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Do you want to look younger? With the right makeup tricks, turning back the hands of time can be made possible. You don’t need a total makeover to look ten years younger. Looking younger is as simple as these 10 makeup tricks:

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize


Any makeup expert will offer you this simple advice because time and again, moisturizing has been proven to work against aging. Before you apply makeup and while your skin is still damp from cleansing, always slather on a moisturizer. We also encourage you to moisturize not only your face but also your entire body. Remember, only use a moisturizer that works best for your skin type.


2. Opt for liquid concealers


As you age, you have more to conceal. However, the wrong concealer can draw unwanted attention to the lines you are hiding. Choose a product that hides your imperfections without getting cakey, and a liquid concealer does the trick.



3. Use a sponge


One of the common mistakes you may commit is to cover up every imperfection with foundation. Don’t. That’s actually a big no-no. According to makeup experts, a damp sponge is the best way to cover up signs of aging. Quickly wet your sponge, squeeze out the water and put a dab of foundation on the back of your hand. Pick up the foundation you need with the tip of the sponge and apply it in dabbing motions on your face. This practice gives you an optimal sheer coverage.


4. Flaunt your bone structure


As you grow older, you lose a significant amount of fat on your face. Instead of taking this negatively, use this to your advantage. Rub your blush along the highest points of your cheekbones to make your bone structure stand out.

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5. Tweeze, if you must


Your face becomes more asymmetrical as you age. Which is why, it is a huge mistake to try correcting it by changing the shape of your brows. Tweezing, instead of waxing and threading, won’t reshape anything. It just makes your brows thinner. When you tweeze, just clean up errant hairs. If you really need shaping, then go and seek the help of a beauty professional.


6. Choose a lighter brow pencil


To make your brows look more natural and younger, use a pencil that is a shade lighter than your natural coloring. If you are blonde, however, you need to go one shade darker. Hold your brow pencil at a 45-degree angle to create soft strokes.


7. Curl your lashes


Get an eyelash curler! If you are over 35, makeup experts recommend you to curl your lashes because they flatten as you age. You need to keep everything going “upward.” Even if you skip mascara, curl your lashes to make your eyes appear bigger, brighter and younger.


8. Apply some shimmer


Do not shy away from using shimmer on your face. Adding some soft shimmer is flattering when you grow older because it lightens up your face. When you age, your skin loses its radiance. This is especially true when you hit your 30s. Opt for neutral colors like champagne, pewter or rose gold. Dab it on the inner corners of your eyes.


9. Go for a lengthening mascara


Your lashes thin out as you age. Conventional wisdom teaches us to opt for thickening mascara to bulk them up but that belief is entirely wrong! There is no way that your lashes can support the extra weight. Thickening mascara flattens the lashes instead of making them look younger. What you can do is to go for a lengthening mascara. It is lighter on the lashes and makes your eyes appear younger.

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10. Try a highlighter


Do not be one of those unfortunate ladies sporting that shiny-old-lady look. It’s creepy and totally unflattering. Use a highlighter strategically. Dab a sheer formula on your cheekbones and not on your brow bones, cheeks or lips. Applying a highlighter on your cheekbones prevents the flat-face look and because of its subtlety, you will look more youthful.

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