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10 Drag Queens You Need to Follow on Instagram For Their Incredible Makeup Skills

If any group of people understands the transformative power of makeup, it’s definitely drag queens. Through contouring, intense cut creases, and a healthy dose of makeup, these men transform themselves into glamorous divas ready for any performance.

A lot of these beauties are incredibly talented with makeup and have large followings on Instagram, filled with people awaiting their next beauty look. Since the performers frequently change up their hair and makeup, following them never gets boring.

Keep reading to find out which 10 drag queens you should follow on Instagram for their amazing makeup skills.

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Patti Spliff

Patti Spliff’s mod style, Twiggy-inspired lashes, and pension for rainbow hair inspires us to play with ’60s hair and makeup. She’s a must follow if the idea of Edie Sedgwick crossed with Miley Cyrus intrigues you.



A post shared by RAGAMUFFIN (@ragamuffin_nyc) on

Ragamuffin’s makeup skills are simply a work of art. She experiments with many internet-beauty trends from galaxy makeup to rainbow eyebrows.

Eva Young


A post shared by Eva Young / Andy Zhang (@evayoung_) on

Eva Young’s makeup style is all about glamour. Vintage hair accessories, bold lips, and over the top lashes are staples of this queen’s look.


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The Vixen


A post shared by The Vixen (@thevixenbitch) on

We could all learn some makeup lessons from The Vixen. Her signature dramatic gold brows and ever-changing hair color inspires us to switch up our style.

Tayla Macdonald


A post shared by Tayla Macdonald (@taylamac) on

Tayla’s transformations are ones you have to see to believe. Her feed is filled with a diverse array of avant-garde looks inspired by everything from egg yolks to watermelon.

Cheddar Gorgeous

Combining special effects makeup with drag, Cheddar Gorgeous creates one of a kind masterpieces. Using rhinestones and 3D effects, Cheddar amazes her followers with every post.

Momo Shade


A post shared by MOMO SHADE (@momoshade) on

Momo Shade knows how to bring the drama to her beauty look. Her colorful wigs and Kardashian-level contour skills easily make her worth the follow.



A post shared by Aquaria (@ageofaquaria) on

Pop culture junkies will love Aquaria’s feed. The drag star loves emulating huge stars like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and more.

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Bad Brittany


A post shared by B R I T T A N Y (@badbrittany) on

Bad Brittany has perfected the art of pop-star-inspired beauty. Following her will fill your feed with images that will remind you of Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and vintage Britney Spears.

Nina Bonina Brown


A post shared by Pierre (@nina_bonina_brown) on

Nina’s cheekbones are enough of a reason to follow her, but makeup skills are truly inspiring. Nina’s drag style includes plenty of your favorite characters including Belle, the Tin Man, and Maleficent.



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