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Thinning Hair? 7 Ways Hair Transplants Can Help Thicken and Restore Your Hair

For some men, bald is beautiful. For others, they prefer options to restore their hair after years of hair loss or thinning.

If you’ve considered multiple options without success, a hair transplant might be the right solution for you. Bringing back a full head of hair doesn’t have to be scary, and it’s certainly not out of reach—no matter the severity of your hair loss.

Hair transplants have come a long way since the days of hair plugs. Check out these seven ways hair transplants can help restore your hair!

  1. It Works On Bald Heads

Even if you’re “completely bald,” you can benefit from a hair transplant. The process is different than the hair plug process and doesn’t require any of your hair for success.

When researching hair transplants for men, you’ll find information about follicular unit excision (FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Either process uses donor hair follicles to help you regrow your hair. If you have even a few fringe pieces of hair or access to an outside donor, you can have a successful hair transplant.

  1. It Looks Natural

With today’s hair transplant technology and practices, your new hair will look natural. People who knew you with thinning hair will be impressed by your new locks. When meeting new people, they won’t be able to tell that you recently grew a new head of hair that isn’t your own.

  1. It Acts Natural

In addition to looking natural, your restored hair will act naturally, too. Brush, cut, and style it in almost any way that suits you! You can shampoo and blow-dry your new hair as though you’ve always had it.

  1. It’s Permanent

In most cases, a successful hair transplant lasts until you being naturally losing hair again due to old age. Balding occurs due to a variety of factors, including genetics or health issues. Some research indicates that a lack of a specific protein in the scalp is a primary cause of baldness.

A hair transplant places new hair follicles into your scalp—potentially bypassing the causes of your initial balding or thinning hair.

  1. It’s Low Maintenance

After the transplant, your new hair will grow with minimal maintenance. You won’t need special prescriptions, creams, or products to help kickstart new hair growth. Your new healthy hair follicles will take root and grow like natural hair!

  1. It Takes Time

It can take about six months to begin seeing significant results from a hair transplant following your surgery. Be patient! Your new hairs are grabbing hold and finding their way to the surface to thicken your hair.

  1. It’s Budget-Friendly

If you think a thicker head of hair is beyond your budget, a hair transplant is a budget-friendly option! Because it’s often a one-time procedure with little ongoing maintenance, you’ll spend less on this procedure than some other hair growth practices.

Get Growing With Hair Transplants!

If bald isn’t your idea of beautiful, hair transplants can help you get “growing” again! Did you find this information helpful? Be sure to check out more of our informative blogs!

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