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Pastel Gray Hairstyling Trends for Girls

No matter how many new hair colors arrive in the market and how many latest hair coloring trends are introduced, one thing would never go out of the fashion and it’s the trend for pastel hair shades. The reason why most women don’t put pastel shades off of their wardrobes is simple; they can use it to dye their hair any time of the year without any ado.

Today I will talk a little on Pastel gray hairstyling trends and tell you why they are better than other brilliantly dark shades you might have fallen for over the years.

There are three reasons why you should prefer variations of gray to any other shades such as oranges and greens.

Reason one: Pastel hair shade in any color has a relatively close relation with feminine persona. The delicacy of the colors goes hand in hand with the soft nature of a girl or a woman.

Reason two: Pastel color is always in the trend, it can be used for a sudden upgrade, suppose you are bored of your old brown hair color and now want to get rid of the monotonous appearance, what you need to do? Dye your hair in a light shade and look better for as long as you desire.

Reason three: The color is a supreme shade that will give a unique twist to your makeover instead of making you over or under bold, it all depends how you pull off your new color and what’s the cut you are wearing.

Let’s check some pastel gray hairstyling trends that become flamboyant with the use of small accents, flowers and hair accessories.

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Flower Queen: 

The colors can be used to adorn gray bangs. In the same way the fashion, especially the style of eyeliner can help enhance the makeover further to make you prominent. It is a kind or risky thing to play with the gray because it is somewhat close to the white in nature but if you pick the shade by keeping in mind your complexion and ethnicity you will be safe and the experiment will not spoil your appearance.

Blue eyes and Gray bangs

This is in trend for ladies to dye hair with the color of eyes. In the example below she is supporting sleek sky blue bangs on the front which is matching with the shade of her eyes, this makes a lot of sense, right? You are trying to make a theme by picking the right colors that you already have.

Mix of White in Gray hairstyling

Long tails can be created in this way by tying ombre hair. The upper portion is usually light in color whereas the bottom is dark as shown in the example.

More colors in waves with Gray

Here is how you can merge golden and blue in your curls with the gray to make your face a focal point of attraction.

The reckless hair braid

This is a kind of western makeover in which two carelessly yet neatly weaved braids are pinned up with the bangs.

Lush long straight hair in gray color

Reverse the ombre effect to achieve this two toned appearance in hair.

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Fantasy girl with silver hair

The use of silver will turn out your appearance something close to this. Be a fantasy girl or a dream girl by supporting some bangs that no other girl can dare to wear.

Bold Rihanna in bold gray curls

She is used to showing us the most boldest hairstyles of all time, well this color is not unique though, the way she is wearing is has made it a different for us.

Gray haired girl with crystal tiara

For prom nights or events you can try something like this easily, you will get more praises and more stares for sure.

Vintage hairdo Mania

These vintage rings are truly inspirational and cozy. She has a long face so she has styled some hair in form of nice, wavy curls on the side, this is done to support the face shape or else she might have appeared a bit odd in the rolling rings.