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Guide to Brushing your Hair Correctly

The simple up and down strokes of brushing hair is usually instinctive. Once we started doing it, we do it without thinking intently about the action. Unfortunately, when your hair is damaged, fragile or curly, regular brushing could cause serious damage to your hair goals. Most people at a young age figure out that brush and sensitive hair do not mix well. Follow the tips ahead to ensure you are getting the best results possible for your sensitive hair.

Don’t brush from root to tip

Pulling a brush from the roots to the tips of the hair causes excessive stress. If the brush meets a knot, you will experience breakage at the hair’s weak and damaged points. You also risk pulling the hair out of the follicle. The right way to do it is begin brushing a few inches from the ends then slowly work your way up the shafts in sections and using your fingers to gently untangle knots as you reach them

Never brush when wet

Wet hair is elastic compared to dry hair. Your best choice is to use a spray bottle full of water to dampen the hair and untangle the knots before washing it to avoid manipulating it when it is weak. When doing this, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers and always detangle with conditioner for added protection.

Always wash your brush

Just like you wash your makeup brushes regularly, you also need to be washing your hairbrush at least once a week. Over time, the bristles will be clogged with stray hairs and product buildups. To wash your brush, create a small bubble bath using soap and water in a bowl. Soak the brush for a few minutes. Then you can rinse it while raking out any excess hairs.

Avoid Statics

Running a brush through your hair creates static electricity from friction. To avoid this, spray your brush with hairsprays to control flyaway. You can also rub a few drops of hair oil between your fingertips and run them through your hair before brushing it.

Don’t use paddle brushes

Whether if your hair is wet or dry, paddle brushes are not made to detangle hairs. If your hair is good, use a detangling spray. If your hair is between thick and thin, you moisturize it with a lotion. For thick locks, you would want to apply detangling cream before combing your dry hair.

If frizz is thwarting your good hair days, then your brushing habits may be causing breakage. That small tool you are using may not look dangerous to you, but when it is misused, it can cause a lot of damage to your hair and can shatter your dreams of entering a modelling agency. Use it wisely and your hair will remain healthy and strong.

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