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Some Cute Braid Hairstyles You Should Try

There are so many questions and concerns as what may or may not be most trendy cute braid hairstyles 2016 and 2017. Girls, if you are really conscious about your look this year and want to try something different to be more sassy in your social parties and special events- show off what you have got.

Whilst all other bloggers would start a debate on pixie hairstyles, celebrities’ hairstyles 2017 and bob hairstyles, I would simply put few images of best women’s hairstyles 2016 which I think would be in fashion in all best forms. The collection contains all the hairstyles from bob to permed hairstyle to retro curls- choose one and make yourself adapt to the new haircut.

Go little funkier this time

Some mega braids  with tiny ones for covering the hair

Something speaks for itself and that’s this style

Here I would like to add that layers aren’t out of fashion in any way, I am writing this because I have seen that many bloggers are making their prediction as what would women’s hairstyles 2016 and misguiding readers that they should be opted for posh bob rather than layers. It’s totally upon your desire to go for shorter or longer length haircut, but keep in mind that layer cuts would continue to be famous this year as well. Check my collection now and give me your feedback. If you think that you have just tried enough braid already and wanted to try something unique then here is a list of cute braid hairstyles which are energetic,youthful,beautiful and adorable.

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It’s winter so you need to wear something like this

If you love hair colors you need to go for ombre this time

This is too cute for words,try it and feel youthful

Some nice braids to try this year are katniss braid which the hair is weaved on the one side and then pinned up on the other side.One side of the head is fully crowned with the braid. Another type of braid that you can try is known as cage braid which is done on the hair all over. If you still love traditional style French braid and fishtails then keep in mind that you can invent several more of the braiding weaves by using the traditional French style.

Cute knots like mickey mouse.

Braiding with weaves for heavy parties.

This is casual and

For parties and events this may be tried.

Get your long,lush hair noticed with this braid.

This is simple and cute.

If you love complicated braids this one if for you with a lot of plaits and weaves.

Flower on the top and fishtail along the way down the style.


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