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Convenience…and Care of Hair Extensions

The popularity of wearing hair extensions is a hair industry norm. The lengths, the various colors,
the ability to cut, shape and dye make them desirable and essential. Waking up and being beautiful
with a certain style for as long as you like is like winning hair “lotto”. Yet many don’t actively recognize that 
human hair or remy hair extensions require regular care, just as the hairs on our heads. The excitement of change and spontaneity can be overwhelming, however we simply can’t ignore the importance of basic hair extension care practices. Truth is, if the extensions are properly cared for, the longer they will serve your interchangeable hair designs. 

Depending on how frequently you wear your hair extensions, determines the level of care they need. If you wear extensions everyday or for an extended period of time, we suggest you clean it every 10 days. The following steps should be helpful:

1 DE-TANGLE, LIGHTLY AND carefully with a wide tooth comb.
2. WASH in (COLD & HOT water at the 1:10 proportion,USING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER.) Do not rub it 
3, DRY by towel blotting. It is BETTER to use a towel cause a hand dryer may DESTROY THE HAIR FIBERS. 60% 
dry with a hand dryer, if used and towel blot the remaining portion.

4. GENTLY style the hair with a comb or your fingers. IF you have a stand, just place your hair on it until 
completely dry.

Enjoy your hair extensions but don’t forget to show them some tender, loving CARE!

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