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Best Shampoo For Oily Hair

Oily Scalp Shampoo that eliminates greasy hair problems with long term results because of zinc pca and a specialty blend of herbs. Also – a light weight conditioner that everyone raves about. Will not weight your hair down. Panthenol Expands The Hair Shaft For Fuller Hair!

####Use Herbs To Deep Cleanse Away Excess Oils and Sebum from Greasy Hair and Scalp. Don’t Think Clarifying is the Answer. You Need Use Deep Cleansing Power For The Root, The Scalp and The Hair Without Harsh Damage to the Delicate Skin.


If you suffer from constant oily hair and scalp then you know that finding a product that works and doesn’t strip everything from the hair can be almost impossible to find. We thought the same thing and went on a serious hunt. These Zinc Complex products have won numerous awards that aught our attention. After using them and getting amazing results we wanted to offer them to our customers. These work!


We Were Customers 1st. This Product Is Amazing For Greasy Hair and Scalp Issues

Most shampoos want to strip away everything including lipid barriers and vital moisture from the hair. This is not a clarifying shampoo it is a gentle root and hair cleanser that removes serious build up but also does not beak down the hair ans scalps defenses.

1) Herbal Extract Combination that includes thymus-thyme, sage-sange, vulgaris extracts, burdock-articum. Together these work to loosen up dirt and grime.

2) Long Term Results as well as Short Term. We guarantee that you will love your hair right away but we also believe its the long term effects that you will love more.

3) Feeds also Stimulates The Root like most products do not. Arcticum is also a mild blood vessel stimulant to help create optimal hair growth.

4) Years of build up could be costing you hair health. Dig down into the cavity of the follicle and cleanse it. Your hair and the follicles will love you for it.

5) Zinc PcA is one of the most amazing ingredients. It is a derivative of zinc that is one of nature’s best antifungal and anti bacterial minerals. But more importantly it has the natural ability regulate or cut back the amount of sebum produced. It does not shut it down. It regulates so that the sebacceous gland does not over produce. This is huge for those that have a lot scalp issues.


***8 oz Concentrate – Top Rated – Uses Herbs and ZincPcA – Studied and Proven For Over 20 Years!

Greasy Hair Remedy For the Long Term and Short Term


“For years I looked for something that was an ongoing recurring problem. No matter what shampoo I used my hair and my scalp had this greasy oily feel to it. On a recommendation I used Purify Shampoo. I can honestly say it has changed my world.  And The Conditioner does not leave your hair flat. This is the 1st time in several years that I can condition my hair. Everything else left it too flat!

“I had all kids of issues from a real grease pit of a head. I could tell after just a few uses that your products were just different!


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