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8 steps to achieve the best roller styled hair

Hair rollers or tension rollers have been around since centuries! They were used commonly by women to style their hair long before the age of flat irons and curling tools. Even today, many ladies prefer to use these curlers, to style their hair naturally, without using heat. Tension rollers are the perfect way, to create luscious curls of any size and shape, which will last for long. Many ladies, who are new to trying this technique are usually confused on how to go about using tension rollers. But do not worry. If you are a novice hair roller stylist, check out the following 8 steps to achieve your perfectly styled hair with hair rollers:
1. Choose products wisely
This may seem very obvious, but many people tend to overlook this point. Always make sure to invest in good quality products. Try avoiding humectants, as these will revert the hair back to its natural condition quickly. Also, gels are not ideal for hair styling using rollers, as these can dry out your hair. It is preferable to use mousse or lotions instead.

2. Deep condition your hair
Before rolling your hair into hair rollers, deep condition or use protein treatment to strengthen your locks. This ensures that your hair is repaired and ready for all the styling you plan on doing.

3. Detangle your hair
Use a fine-tooth comb, to detangle every part of your hair. Tangled hair is difficult to roll and will not give you the desired final look. In case your hair is too curly or rough, you can even use your fingers to detangle and smoothen out your locks.

4. Use heat protectant
It is true that you are not using direct heat on your hair; however, you will be exposing your locks to a hooded dryer. To achieve the perfect styling, it is necessary to spend 30 – 100 minutes under a dryer. Therefore, it is vital to apply a heat protectant onto your hair, to build a barrier and prevent any potential damage.

5. Divide the hair into smaller sections
Divide your hair into sections, with not much hair in each section. Too much hair will make it difficult to wrap around the curler and will take longer to dry.

6. Use moisturizer
Moisturize your hair well to make it soft, smooth and shiny. The best product for this would be a light serum or moisturizer. It is best to stay away from heavy, petroleum-based styling products.

7. Play around with different sized rollers
Different sized rollers will create different sizes of curls into your locks. Playing around with these and using various sizes, will help create a very unique hairstyle.

8. Lastly, Practise, practise, practise!
Achieving the perfect look with your roller is not easy. It takes time, practice and patience. A good tip is to start practicing, on small strips of hair initially. Once you have perfected that, move on to styling your whole head. Remember, practice makes you perfect. You will soon be a pro hair roller expert in no time!