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7 Best Ways to Take Care of Your Hair!

With the increasing pollution and busy schedule, it is quite difficult to prevent your beautiful hair from damaging and taking care of them nowadays. It is very necessary to pay proper attention to them because once the damaging process starts, it becomes complicated to find your way back to your old, healthy, and perfect hair.
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Moving forward, this article consists of some useful tips and some treatments that you should follow to have healthy hair.
1. Cleanliness:
The most common problem that leads to severe hair problems is not maintaining cleanliness. Dandruff and itchy scalp cause hair loss and other problems.
You can keep your hair clean by washing them properly (though it is strongly recommended not to wash your hairs frequently, you can wash them every 2-4 days).
2. Choose the right product:
Can’t emphasize more on the fact of how important it is to pick the right products when it comes to hair care. There are obviously thousands of hair products available in the market out there but need to choose the right one which suits your hair and doesn’t cause any kind of damage. Always choose the product that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and preferably made of natural ingredients. You have no idea what these harsh chemicals can do to your soft, smooth, and flawless hair.
3. Eat healthy!
The best, effortless natural way to keep your hair healthy is to eat healthy. One must focus more on having food that is rich in proteins and biotin. Egg, yogurt, spinach,fish, meat, beans, and sweet potatoes are some of the best-recommended protein and vitamin-rich food that you can try for having healthy hair plus improving hair growth.
4. Egg treatment:
Egg is considered as the most effective and useful for the hair treatment. Rich in protein and biotin it can provide the required nourishment. There are ways to use eggs on your hair. Egg yolk can stimulate hair growth.
5. Oil Treatment:
Oiling your hair is said to be the best way to prevent hair loss, provide nourishment, and boost hair growth. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, or maybe lavender oil. The effective way of oiling is heating the oil for at least 40 seconds, applying it, and leaving it for 30 minutes then rinse with normal shampoo and conditioner using cold water. Water treatment plays an important role here because hot water can make your hair dry hence it is strictly suggested to avoid the hot shower.
6. Trim Often:
Trimming the hair in a few weeks helps in removing the damaged hair plus split ends which are the root cause of blocking hair growth.
7. Brushing the Hair Effectively:
Using the right brushing technique is very helpful and effective as it spreads the natural oil through your hair. The best way to brush is to first start at the end of the length by removing knots/tangled hair, then go to the roots and brush as gently as possible.

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