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4 Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorials

Cady Harris once said, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Well, we’re saying something about it. It’s lame. (And we so rarely go against Mean Girls.) We’ve rounded up some amazing Halloween makeup ideas and YouTube tutorials that focus more on the scary than the sexy. With professional-level how-tos, products and tools, it’s more possible than ever to do your own special effects makeup. Some of these YouTubers are professionals, some are just enthusiasts, but all the easy-to-follow looks are simple enough for a novice to duplicate.

Zombie Barbie

It’s hard not to love Michelle Phan‘s instruction and commentary as you watch her go from regular girl to Barbie girl to zombie Barbie. If you don’t have a supply of liquid latex for “torn flesh” and fake blood, then this look will require some investment. Since all the special effects makeup came from Party City, however, it’s likely inexpensive, and you reasonably have most of the regular makeup in your arsenal. You could probably pick up the zombie makeup, some false lashes and any other necessities for under $30, and likely have a dress you could style as a Barbie costume in your closet. If not, the thrift store is the way to go. Look for a prom dress you can slash and splatter in “blood.” 

Phan also has Day Of the Dead, K-Pop Star and Seductive Vampire tutorials in her arsenal, among others.

Emily from Corpse Bride

For something less gory and more cartoon creepy, Emily from Corpse Bride is a great choice. Sure, the look is kind of spooky, but in a much more twee way. The way your own eyes disappear into Emily’s when you close them is complete is sure to be the pièce de résistance that weirds people out all night. Vlogger dope2111 also has a great Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas tutorial. She should really work on Tim Burton’s next film!

Queen of Hearts


This is a costume that will probably require a lot of investment, whether you go with a storebought costume or putting your own Queen of Hearts ensemble together, and a wig is pretty indispensable. But when you see this tutorial from Kandee Johnson, you’ll think it’s worth it. The big trick here that would be valuable for some of these other looks as well is how to conceal your eyebrows with Elmer’s glue. Sounds crazy but it’s water based and easy to remove. 

Some of her other videos include Betty Boop and the rest of the Alice in Wonderland characters.


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Pop Art


This is another look that, while it might require some new makeup, can most likely work with a red dress already in your closet. It’s also a little more grown up than the character looks we’ve seen so far. It would be perfect for a geeky/artsy crowd as it would appeal to pop art and comic book fans alike. Vlogger Emma Pickles has some comic book character looks on her channel as well, if you do want to go more literal with the graphic novel inspiration. 



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