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Principles and classification of eye wrinkle treatment

Eye wrinkles treatment refers to that when eye skin is sagging, and it is ineffective through drugs and physical methods, we take eye rejuvenation surgery to make eye skin tightening, reduce and eliminate wrinkles. Small incision eye wrinkles are very effective for the deeper and wider regions of the forehead and the temporal region. As one of the classic wrinkle removal methods, it has always been welcomed by many women. Small incision is also done in a concealed position, tightening loose skin and fine suture. Eye wrinkle removal methods can be divided into two types: dynamic and static. Obviously, dynamic wrinkles occur when muscles in the facial muscles of the eye often dilate and stretch. Dynamic relatively is static wrinkles. It is because of the problems left over by the years, coupled with the expression of the eye muscle stretching over the years and leaving traces.

   Wrinkles can be divided into two types: one is dry lines, which usually appear in young girls’ eyes, lips and nostrils. These are caused by dryness and dehydration, and can sometimes be found even on oily skin. If you have dry lines on the corners of your eyes, use some moisturizing eye creams and eye patches. Eye creams like this are usually gelatinous and contain less oil and nutrients. The other is wrinkles that increase with age. To dilute them, it will take some effort and money, in the choice of products must focus on the essence of eye cream, such eye cream in the form of cream exists more. Must choose according to own actual situation different eye cream, can work twice with half the effort, otherwise, it may be invalid. For example, the eye fat particles and other difficult to remove small things, a lot of products are produced in the case of improper choice.


  1. Introduce you some methods of eye wrinkles removal treatment

   First, small incision eye wrinkle removal method. Small incision eye wrinkle removal is mainly for deeper wrinkles, wider areas of frontal and temporal wrinkles is extremely effective. Small incision eye lifting is always one of the classic wrinkle removal methods. Small incision eye wrinkles removal method is a concealed position incision, the relaxed skin tension and fine suture. It will not be seen any traces, and so does not affect the aesthetic.

   Two, BOTOX eye wrinkle removal method. BOTOX eye wrinkle removal method is a simple, convenient, rapid and effective method to remove eye wrinkles and restore the young nature by injecting appropriate amount of BOTOX.

   Three, radio frequency eye wrinkle removal method. Radio Frequency eye wrinkle removal method uses high-speed radio frequency technology 6 million times per second to act on the skin. The molecules in the skin generate heat energy with the high-speed movement of radio frequency. Skin tissues will synthesize a large number of new collagen after absorbing a large amount of heat energy, which can make eye wrinkles smoothed. Radiofrequency eye lifting method can also tighten the skin tissue and restore to the young state quickly.

   Four, hyaluronic acid injection eye wrinkle removal method. Hyaluronic acid injection is mainly used to fill and support the sunken texture of eye wrinkles to eliminate eye wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid can be completely metabolized, so it is a safe eye wrinkle removing material. Hyaluronic acid also has a small amount of nutrient moisturizing effect on eye skin.

  Electro polished skin is a safe, wound-free treatment that has been clinically proven to rejuvenate tissue-sagging skin. Its unique deep-seated heating technology can stimulate skin to regenerate new collagen, making your skin healthier, better skinned and improved facial contour. It is non-intrusive and does not cause any wound. No knife or needle is needed. With just one treatment, you can tighten your original collagen and stimulate the production of new collagen. The improvements after treatment have a dual effect, and you can see the effect immediately after treatment, and continue to tighten your skin daily for the next six months. The effect of one treatment can be maintained for several years. It can also improve the skin relaxation of eyes, chin, neck, arms and other local skin. It also has obvious effect on the orange skin of gravida, buttocks and thighs.

   Adapt to the crowd: those who wants to tighten the skin or do local weight loss and thin face. Eye wrinkle removal method is particularly suitable for women who fear pain and want to be beautiful. It can dispel wrinkles, tighten skin and relax skin and restore elasticity.

   Advantages: non-invasive, painless, wide clinical application, short course of treatment, and significant effect. The treatment process is safe, relaxed, and no obvious subcutaneous congestion. And it will be no plumping after 2-3 days, which does not affect normal social activities.



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