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Oscar de la Renta’s Cotton Candy-Colored Eye Makeup Was a True Treat!

Leave it to the Oscar de la Renta show to sweep into New York Fashion Fall 2017 with cotton candy, pastel rainbow eyes that are as whimsical as they are chic.

Each model wore a high-pigment (almost electric!) pink eyeliner on the upper lash line and then a pastel hue on top of the lid up to the crease. The eyeliner was thick enough to see even with the eyes open, and the whole look felt super refreshing and really playful. It was also a definite nod to the brand’s storied aesthetic.

“Oscar de la Renta was all about beauty, but also the joy of life,” Tom Pecheux, the lead makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, explained backstage. “He knew how to incorporate a lot of color, and it was very important to carry on that heritage of the brand.”

To re-create, apply a hot pink eyeliner against your top lash line and gently smudge it out before adding your choice of a cream or powder pastel eye shadow across the lid. Instead of using a “back and forth” motion when applying the color, pat the shadow on with a small brush to build up intensity.

We’re giving this look five out of five heart-eye emoji. Swoon!

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