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Makeup Artist Creates “Incredibles 2”-Themed Eyeshadow Look

As far as we’re concerned, the ability to draw a perfectly winged eyelineror use your lips as a veritable canvas may as well be a superpower. Taking that idea a step further is makeup artist Lex Pérez, who tweeted a now-viral eyeshadow look closely modeled after the Incredibles 2 logo. Needless to say, it’s pretty incredible.

On June 13, Lex re-created the film’s iconic double “I” right on her eyelid, and the results look almost as if it were created by Pixar animators themselves. In addition to recreating the logo, Lex added a halo of red and yellow shadow around the edges and along the lower lash line. (Think of it as an Incredibles-themed smoky eye.)

The look immediately went viral with beauty and Pixar lovers alike taking to Lex’s mentions to praise her artistry and ask for details behind the look. As she shares in her replies, she allegedly used Certifeye’s Tropical Wonders Palette and BH Cosmetics’s Take Me to Brazil palette to create the look.

Later that day, Lex followed up her original tweet with a video to prove any “Haters will say it’s Photoshopped” naysayers that her look was the real deal. Even better, the video really shows off the full look in greater detail, which features plenty of eye-catching highlighter and glitter.

While feedback on her look was overwhelmingly positive, Lex isn’t the only makeup artist to draw inspiration from Pixar’s latest blockbuster film. Artist Kay Soliel also created an Incredibles-themed look, this time with a more pop art, geometric feel.

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Meanwhile, another makeup artist took inspiration from Evelyn in the film, recreating the wispy bangs and wide-eyed look of the character.

As Lex’s look proves several times over, Disney-themed makeup looks are so much more than DIY tutorials on how to look like your favorite princess; if you need us, we’ll be spending hours in the mirror trying to replicate this super eyeshadow look.