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How to Find the best eye shadow shades for your eye color?

Most of us are confused about what eye shadow to wear that compliments the color of our eyes. Also with the latest trend for colored contact lenses, everyone has a vast option to make themselves look much more stunning with every new color they try.

While some like the contacts, there are many of you who already have pretty eyes and don’t know which eye shadow will look good on you.
Whether your eyes are black, brown, blue or green, it does not matter. All eyes look beautiful and they look even better with the right use of shades that compliments the eyes.

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Let’s look at some very beautiful colors according to the eyes.


From the image you can see the different shades available for every eye color. With the right contouring and highlighting done to the face, it is highly impossible to go wrong.

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Only remember that as a trial and a beginner, do not to wear them too dark or try the smokey-eye makeup with these shades. Once you have got the hang of how to wear it, then you can definitely go ahead and explore the different ways and combinations of using them.

So what’s your eye color and which eye shadow do you use the most?

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